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Test Report for WizTech WIZ-8000 HD CR USB

WizTech WIZ-8000 HD CR USB

HDTV satellite receiver are the need of customers these days. One of such receiver from WizTech named WIZ-8000 HD CR USB makes an imposing statement with its size and looks. The receiver is bigger than most receivers in market and quite heavy too. The shiny front panel contains a nice and clear channel information display.

There are seven button buttons on the front panel of WIZ-8000 HD CR USB Receiver. You will also come across USB 2.0 interface on the front panel.

Turn the WIZ-8000 HD CR USB Receiver around and you’ll discover a TV scart connector, S/PDIF, HDMI, RCA sockets for stereo audio and video, YPrPb, an optical digital audio output as well as an RS-232 interface for updating the receiver software.

The included remote control sits nicely in your hand and all buttons are cleverly arranged so they can easily be reached.

When we turned it on for the first time, the main menu was displayed at our screen. The main menu consist of five sub menus, respectively channel manager, installation, preferences, game and USB.

The installation it self goes smoothly and the first step is the selection of languages. We have the possibility to set the language of OSD, preferred audio, subtitles and teletext including the second preferred choice. For example you can set your native language as the first audio choice and English has the second one. The second one will be automatically selected only if your native soundtrack is not transmitted. Of course, if none of them is broadcast, the receiver will play the first available audio.

After setting languages, we move to antenna settings. It is really nice to see here all DiSEqC versions available from 1.0 to 1.3 (USALS). 64 satellites from all over the world are pre-programmed and there is possibility to add more. Transponder data is quite up-to-date.

We have two modes for channel search: automatic and manual search. You can set either FTA or ALL channels. The receiver has the capacity to store 5000 TV and radio channels.

Channel scan time is extremely fast. 623 TV and 420 Radio channels were found in 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

The detailed channel list can be activated by pushing the OK button. With the help of the function buttons, the list can be arranged by tuner and FTA/CAS and also be sorted alphabetically. Thanks to the multi-picture function, you can get a quick overview of currently running programmes on 2,4,9,10,13 or 16 different channels.

When switching between channels, an Info bar appears momentarily and displays information on the current and upcoming programme as well as specific channel data (teletext, subtitle, Dolby Digital audio, etc.) and information on the HD satellite dish in use. A second push of the OK button displays expanded EPG data on the current programme as long as this information is made available by the provider. Another push of this button displays technical parameters for the channel such as frequency, polarization, symbolrate and PIDs.

EPG is generally quite good; it is logically laid out, is quickly displayed and shows all information correctly and neatly sorted. Timer entries can be directly set up through the EPG. Channel switching is good and takes about 1.5 seconds. For channels that are transmitted on same transponder the switching time is even less. By the way, it does not make a difference whether zapping takes place between SDTV and “HDTV channels“ or vice versa.

The main focus of this box clearly is the possibility to connect an external USB hard disk. This is what it takes to make the WIZ-8000 HD CR USB a fully fledged PVR with all features we have come to expect and appreciate. Only one tuner is built into this receiver, which in turn means you can make only one recording at a time. However, it is still possible to watch another channel on the same transponder while making a recording. SCPC reception was no problem either and our test transponder with a symbol rate of just 2.45 Ms/s was locked and processed without flaw. Zoom function will enable you to enlarge the picture.



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