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Test Report for Star Track 5000 S2CU-USB

Star Track 5000 S2CU-USB

When receivers like Star Track 5000 S2CU-USB hit the market, both hardware and software are normally brought as close to sophistication as possible. The Star Track 5000 S2CU-USB is one of the satellite industry latest receiver. The 5000 S2CU-USB features one USB port which allows you to perform Star Track software updates or connect a multimedia device for MP3 or JPEG playback. And USB capability makes software updates a breeze. Just connect your personal computer, or plug in a USB flash drive to update Star Track manufacturer software bin files. You will find eight buttons on the flat front panel display of 5000 S2CU-USB Receiver. The window display is in the centre of the box in a table shape, which shows onscreen channel number in a standby mode. There is also a flap, behind which you will find two slot CA Interface for Conax.

The rear panel is equipped with two scar connectors, S/PDIF, USB Port, RS-232, RCA jacks, programmable 12 volt output and a power button. The manual supplied with the box is written briefly in English. The remote control can really be called ergonomic it’s lightweight and all buttons are located where you would intuitively expect them to be. Star Track 5000 S2CU-USB supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 protocols. A number of pre-configured LoF settings are also available.

Star Track 5000 S2CU-USB has the capacity to store 8000 TV and Radio channels. When the receiver is switched on for the first time the main menu pops up and stays on the screen until all LNB settings are made and a channel search is completed. The satellite list provided by the manufacturer is much updated. Luckily, new satellites can be added to this list. After a brief push of button, the Star Track begins to scan our selected satellite and completed scanning our 110 transponders in a blinding 4 min 20 sec. When setting up the receiver we noticed that it is able to communicate with its users in either German, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Polish and Italian. In the Channel Editing menu, everything is geared towards organizing the channel and transponder lists. They can be deleted, moved, renamed, locked out with a PIN code or transferred into one of the favourites lists. Press OK button on the remote control, the channel list will be displayed. Channels you want to watch most can be moved to one of the favorites lists and channels that are not suitable for children can be locked with a PIN, so that they will only appear on screen when unlocked with the PIN. You may record favourite TV Programme to USB device and review it at any time in future. Before to record TV Programme, connect hard disk to receiver and go to PVR Partition select Menu, choose disk Partition, where the recorded file is supposed be saved.

Press info button to check details information when recording, such as recorded time, available free memory size etc. Recorded file will be saved in format of MPG. In PVR preview menu, Select recorded file and Press OK button to preview The Star Track manufactured tuner is very signal sensitive and had no trouble dealing with the weaker signals. The receiver also mastered our SCPC test; the 2-45 Ms/sec. As a manufacturer, it is almost a must to equip your PVR receiver with a USB 2.0 or network interface in order to be on the same level in the marketplace although the film industry and some PayTV providers might not be too happy with this. Star Track did not miss this opportunity here.

The Star Track 5000 S2CU-USB is a solid and easy to use receiver that did not reveal any problems in our tests. Even those channels that because of cost issues have a less than average picture can have improved video quality. Especially noteworthy is, besides the extremely fast USB 2.0 interface, the possibility to record channels at the same time. Once the channel is selected, an information bar would appear in the bottom of the screen. Selecting encrypted channels,conditional access system of which is understood by the universal smart card slot of 5000 S2CU-USB would also display the used encryption systems’ names.



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