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Test Report for Echolink EL-7050 HD Combo CX2CI

Echolink EL-7050 HD Combo CX2CI

The progress in HD receiver manufacturing is simply amazing! Could we have thought several years ago, when we endlessly struggled with analogue receivers, that a similarly looking box would not just only give us a fantastically coloured and un believe ably clear picture, but also would allow playing music and video files, sending emails, playing games? The border between computers and “HDTV receivers” is disappearing, giving birth to family friendly devices with a huge potential for more advanced users.

Echolink, worldwide famous company for satellite receivers manufacturing has brought EL-7050 HD Combo CX2CI for customers.

This newer receiver from Echolink is very unique. Both high and standard definition channel reception, both in DVB-S and DVB-S2, both in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Front panel is equipped with eight buttons, which may control the whole system incase the remote control is missing. Behind a flap, the 2 CI slots and a USB slot is situated. The front panel window display also shows the channel number, resolution, remote control command and time in standby mode.

Rear panel is also as good as before. You would find an LNB input with a corresponding Loop Through output. All the computer and network stuff is dealt via RS-232 and Ethernet connectors. HDMI,S/PDIF, two scart connectors, RCA connectors are there rather for back-wards compatibility. A power switch is also there to on and off the box completely. Remote control is easy in use and functions. It is loaded with buttons, but they are so logically organized, that you get used to it very fast.

The user’s manual is drawn up just as smartly and provides a clear structure, features illustrations where they are needed and answers all questions that might arise when using the receiver.

When the receiver is turned on for the first time, the language selection menu is appeared. There are English, German, French, Portugese, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Arabic and Russian languages available for communication in Echolink EL-7050 HD Receiver. The receiver supports DiSEqC 1.2 and the most user friendly USALS protocol. Echolink EL-7050 HD Receiver has the capacity to store 10,000 TV and Radio channels.

Regular automatic or manual channel searching is not something that you would enjoy, but there is also a network scan. It took us 5 minutes to scan a satellite position with 105 transponders.

Channel list is very well organized. All the useful functions are here. Various sorting options, you can have the channels organized alphabetically, FTA/encrypted, by satellite or provider.

The detailed channel list can be activated by pushing the OK button. With the help of the function buttons, the list can be arranged by tuner and FTA/CAS and also be sorted alphabetically. Thanks to the multi-picture function, you can get a quick overview of currently running programmes on 2,4,9,10,13 or 16 different channels.

When switching between channels, an Info bar appears momentarily and displays information on the current and upcoming programme as well as specific channel data(tele-text, subtitle, Dolby Digital audio, etc.) and information on the satellite in use. A second push of the OK button displays expanded EPG data on the current programme as long as this information is made available by the provider. Another push of this button displays technical parameters for the channel such as frequency, polarization, symbolrate and PIDs.

PIP is also as good as it used to be. Two channels from the same transponder can be displayed in identically sized windows, the second one can be shown in a smaller window behind the main one, channels then can be toggled between.

Nice and user-friendly two mode EPG is also here in all its glory. One click of EPG button lists upcoming events for the selected channel, press it the second time and you have a real program guide, with all neighbouring channels showing their EPG information, as long as it’s available from the broadcaster. Switching channels or between TV and radio takes place quickly and without any switching distortions, which is proof of a state-of-the-art operating system. On-screen information about current and next events is displayed when-ever a new channel is selected and content as well as presentation are up to expectations.

Finally, we want to address one of the main features of this receiver, the USB 2.0 interface. It can be used to attach external hard disk drives or USB memory sticks, which transform the EL-7050 HD Combo CX2CI into a genuine PVR receiver.

The new EL-7050 HD Combo CX2CI is a “HDTV receiver” with great potential. It includes a number of useful ideas which are combined with just the right mix of ease of use and comprehensive features.



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