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Test Report for Star Track HD 2000

Star Track HD 2000

The Star Track HD-2000 digital box was a pleasure to test. We found the Star Track HD-2000 set top box smart to look at and easy to set up and connect to other video and audio connections.

The Star Track HD-2000 has a very pleasant front panel. The lower half shows the front panel display that comes alive when the receiver is powered on and displays, depending on the activated mode, the actual time in standby, the channels name in full text while watching, or the menu item while in programming mode. The flap is situated on the right side, when opened, reveals the double CI slot.

The back panel of the Star Track HD-2000 is packed with various connectors present on most modern receivers. On top of this, you will see RCA jacks, S/PDIF, TV and VCR scart connectors, serial interface RS-232, USB port, HDMI out put and a power button. The remote control has a very trendy design and is easy in use.

You can choose between English, Russian Francais, Arabic, Persian, Turkey, Deutch, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Netherlands and Portuguese. Don’t take too long to make your choice – if you don’t select a language quick enough, the Star Track HD-2000 automatically opts for the default language, in this case English. If this happens, it’s not a problem at all to go into the menu and change it to a more suit-able language.

The Star Track HD-2000 can be used with a wide variety of antenna set ups, and could vary from one single LNB (with a loop to the second tuner), or a motorized dish (DiSEqC 1.2 or USALS), up to the configuration offering the most simultaneous recording/watching options using two separate LNB‘s. This of course requires two cables running into your TV room. Once you have decided which antenna option you will use for this receiver, you can move on to the initial setup menu.

With the correct language selected, the receiver goes right into channel reception mode. Since there are no channels as yet saved in memory, there was nothing to view. This simply means that we have to go and find the channels we want to watch. You can do this by pressing the Menu button on the remote to access the Main Menu in the receiver.

Next we chose a transponder from the preprogrammed list for this satellite. The left/right arrow keys on the remote can be used to select an active transponder or you can press the OK button to view a list of all the transponders stored for the selected satellite.

With the transponder list displayed, you can select the desired transponder by high-lighting it and then pressing the OK button or, if necessary, you can add, edit or delete transponders right from this screen by once again using the colored function buttons on the remote control. Simply refer to the bottom of the on-screen display to find out what function is assigned to each colored button.

Channel scan time is extremely fast and the list soon fills up with plenty of channels. The list of transponders and satellites is completely up to date, but it is easily possible to add new satellites.

If you access the channel list with the OK button, you can scroll within the channel list without actually switching to another channel – a second push of the OK button is needed for that to happen. For every channel the associated frequency and polarization is shown.

Star Track HD-2000 has the capacity to store 10000 TV and Radio channels. This means there is a large memory reserve. The EPG is very well organized. A PIP (picture-in-picture) function is available as well and thus you can follow another programme and call it up to the main screen should it become interesting. Further more, this receiver is able to decode the more advanced Media highway EPG system used by certain Pay-TV providers. The favourite channels may be shifted to one of the 7 favourite lists.

The user manual is of an out-standing quality. It explains in detail, along with numerous photos and screen shots all the features of this receiver just for the English version. The overall workmanship of the unit leaves a good impression of solidity. You can use the zoom or multi-screen function in the TV mode.



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