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Test Report for Nanoxx 9500 HD

Nanoxx 9500 HD

The front panel of Nanoxx 9500HD has seven buttons for operating receiver without remote control. A small flap on the right side of front panel hides two CI slots for all standard modules as well as a card reader for Conax, XCrypt, DG-Crypt, Firecrypt and Crypton.

The included remote control sits nicely in your hand and all buttons are cleverly arranged so they can easily be reached. The labelling is exemplary, an assessment which also holds true for the user’s manual which comes in German and English. It has a clearly arranged layout and provides all information necessary to use the features of the receiver.

The Nanoxx 9500HD first greets its users with an installation wizard, just like most other boxes as well these days. This feature is intended to take the fear out of setting up a digital satellite receiver for the first time.

The first step is to ask for the desired language for on-screen display, with following options being available: German, English, French, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Serbian, Greek, Hungarian, Croatian, Albanian and Farsi.

This makes the Nanoxx HD receiver the box with the widest range of languages by far and we applaud the manufacturer for this effort.

The Nanoxx 9500HD features a current list of 153 pre-stored European and Asian satellite positions and a number of selection options for a current list of 153 pre-stored European and Asian satellite positions and a number of selection options for each single entry. For example, DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.1 are supported for multi-feed installations while protocols 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS) are available for rotating dishes.

All initial settings are finished? Well then, let’s move up another step to scan for channels. Three modes are available to fill the 10,000-channel memory, namely automatic, manual and blind scan. We were absolutely impressed with the speed with which the Nanoxx 9500HD performed this task. After just over three minutes it had completed a full scan of our 90-transponder test satellite.

The integrated blind scan feature is a very special extra of the Nanoxx 9500HD. Using this Nanoxx 9500HD. Using this option the scan is performed in steps of 3 or 4 MHz covering the full frequency range. Up to four symbol rates can be predefined for each scan, or you can leave it to the receiver to detect the respective symbol rates automatically.

Use the multimedia menu to set up the Nanoxx 9500HD for use with an external hard disk, USB stick or an existing network you may have up and working at home.

Once all parameters are set, the time has come to leave main menu and let the receiver switch to first channel in list. Together with the picture there appears a clearly laid out info bar on bottom of screen, providing details about the current and next event as well as showing various icons about status of channel, such as encryption, HDTV, locking status, teletext, subtitles and audio options. Signal strength and quality indicators round off the perfect overall impression.

Pressing INFO button of remote for another time calls up extended information on currently shown event, and if you’re still not fully satisfied try the same button yet once again and you’ll be delighted to find a huge range of channel parameters showing up on the screen.

If you find the electronic programme guides of many receivers than convincing then the Nanoxx 9500HD might be the box for you at last. Its EPG either shows programme details for one channel over several days, or for six channels at a time. And this information is not only available, but available in an easy-to-use and cleverly arranged layout.

Playing back recorded events or content that is transferred to receiver via a network (XVid, AVI, JPG and MP3 files are supported) is very easy. Nanoxx has really put some brainwork into this and now all you have to do is press the Media button on the remote control to start playback. Various search, fast forward and rewind modes are also included and the only feature we somewhat missed is setting markings in order to jump to that particular point of the recording at a later stage with the touch of a button.



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