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Test Report for Topfield TMS SRP-2100

Topfield TMS SRP-2100

Topfield is leading PVR industry taking initiatives in digital broadcasting industry. Since its establishment in 1998, with its first export of STB in Sep. 2000 on the basis of differentiated technologies, Topfield is securing higher reliability and competitiveness on the basis of continuous promotion for the products under its own brand and distinguished technologies in the world. The new receiver from the company is Topfield TMS SRP-2100, which 2100 now is one of the first receivers using the latest and improved DVB-S2/H.264 chipset.

Two CI slots are hidden under the flap on the right side of the front panel for pay TV reception (such as Viaccess, Cryptoworks, Nagravision, Alphacrypt etc.), as well as two USB ports for connecting external hard disks or other storage media such as digital cameras and the like.

The rear panel is equipped with HDMI socket, two scart euro connectors, six RCA sockets for YUV, CVBS and stereo audio, a USB port, an E-SATA slot, a network interface, a coax and a digital audio output.

This impressive list of features is rounded off with an included HDMI cable and an extremely useful user’s manual – something we have come to expect and appreciate from Topfield in the past. It provides detailed information on all features of the receiver, has a brilliant layout and included illustrations and pictures where required. When switched on for the first time the receiver preferred language for the OSD, with the following options being available: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. Topfield TMS SRP-2100 support DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 protocols. A number of generally used LOFs are pre-set and in case you own a more exotic LNB you may even set the required LOF manually.

Topfield TMS SRP-2100 has the memory to store up to 7000 TV channels and up to 3000 radio channels.

The scart euro connector delivers CVBS, S-Video or RGB signals, and users can predefine how 4:3 material will be presented on a 16:9 com(Pan & Scan or original format with black bars to both sides). Even though hardly anyone will use it these days, it is even possible to set signal output at 4:3 for older TV sets.

The time shift buffer has been extended to cover up to 300 minutes now, up from the 120 minutes that had been avail-able in the past. In addition you can have the receiver add a preset number of minutes before and after each timer recording to make sure not to miss a thing in case a channel does not stick precisely to its schedule.

If external storage media are connected through the USB or E-SATA ports they can be nominated as the default storage medium. So if you would like to use a USB disk rather than the internal 500 GB hard disk you can easily set up the box to address this external disk.

Additional icons provide information on available services such as teletext, subtitles, additional audio tracks, or whether you are currently watching an encrypted or multifeed channel. If you press the Info key the receiver will display additional content information on the current event, if provided by the channel. Thanks to the built-in 500 GB hard disk you will soon collect a lot of recorded events. To help you keep track of what you have recorded it is possible to freely create folders into which you can move recorded events. Each recording comes complete with a preview picture and detailed information on length and size of the recording. In case you’re wondering: 500 GB of hard disk are good for roughly 250 hours of viewing.

Topfield TMS SRP-2100 is a completely family receiver. It switches automatically between PAL and NTSC and have no problem in getting SCPC reception. This is the exciting brand new receiver from Topfield.



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