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Test Report for ABCom AB IPBox 91HD


The company AB-COM is the dynamically developing company concerning with distribution of its own product series of Linux-based satellite receivers of brandname AB IPBox. The new AB IPBox 91HD is an outstanding HDTV PVR Receiver.

The front panel of the box is very pleasant and equipped with seven buttons, controlling the complete commands of the box. The smartcard reader on the right is to have access to all pay-TV channels. Rear panel have all the necessary connections, making it the best available PER in the market. There is also USB interface on the rear panel AB IPBox 91HD is a Linuxbased receiver.

With the remote control, you can control all features, incase the front panel buttons are not working. The remote control has a very trendy design. You can also manage direct one click access to PVR recordings. The user manual supplied with the box will answer all your queries.

As soon as you will turn on the receiver for the first time, you will find an Installation Wizard. On-screen menu can be displayed in English, Russian, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Danish, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Greek, Turkish, Korean, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Finnish or Ukrainian.

Channel scan time is extremely fast and the list soon fills up with plenty of channels. The list of transponders and satellites is completely up to date, but it is easily possible to add new satellites.

You will find to select time zone in the next step. AB IPBox 91HD supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS protocol. The channel list has all the necessary functions. The EPG is very well organized. EPG in 91HD is also realized in good old two-variant way. Pressing “EPG” button once brings up a list of the upcoming events for the currently selected channel, second click opens a real programme guide - you will see a big grid with event titles from current and neighbouring channels. The schedule can be zoomed in and out, and is only limited by amount of information the broadcaster is willing to share.

Pressing the yellow button allows you to jump right to the next letter if something went wrong. Pressing “i” and entering the password (0000 by default) gives access to deleting, hiding, locking, renaming and moving the channels, as well as to our all-time adjusting the default audio volume for channels. It’s easy to start recording, easy to stop it, but, unfortunately, not as easy to get back to it when it’s needed.

Adding new channels to favourite lists takes place in a convinient window with two panels. And remember, if you choose “Smart Scan” next time you’d like to search for new channels, your favourite lists will not be lost.

Thanks to the USB interface, you can upload your favourite “MP3 songs” and have them ready to be played back through the audio system connected to the receiver. A list of all songs will appear on the TV screen where you can again pick out the ones you like best and perhaps let them play in a loop.

PVR is as good as before. Recording can be either started by clicking the red button on the remote control, either by selecting the needed show in EPG, either by accessing a special “Recording Schedule” submenu. No matter if it’s in SD or in HD, the main match of the year will no longer be missed, even if you have lots of urgent work to do.

Even if Internet is inaccessible from the receiver, you can still view photos, play MP3s or movies from your HDD. While testing the 910HD we noticed that sometimes audio and video were not perfectly synchronized; this problem was solved quite elegantly in latest firmware versions, also for 91HD.

The firmware is frequently updated with new goodies, and there are hundreds of add-ons available for you to install. Looks like 91HD is worth every penny paid for it.

AB IPBox 91HD is a perfect receiver, having all the features of the present time.



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