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Test Report for Skyworth DVB-S 17-2SIRHUV

Skyworth DVB-S 17-2SIRHUV

Skyworth Digital is a leading supplier of DVB STBs and value-added systems in China and one of Asia's top consumer electronics manufacturers. Skyworth Digital receivers makes sure you're getting the signal strong and clear the television signal, that is. The company new receiver DVB-S 17-2SIRHUV has arrived at our technical centre for test report. Lets see its features.

The front panel of DVB-S 17-2SIRHUV is very simple. There are total eight buttons on the front panel for complete operation of the box. There is also a signal meter on the front panel. The four digit green display on the front panel shows the current channel number and time in a stand by mode.

The receiver itself also had a few surprises to discover. On its rear panel, besides the regular 2 scart connectors, 12 volt output, RCA, S/PDIF, RS-232, Ether-net port, LNB input and loop-through output, we found the newly added main power switch, as well as the USB port, which can be used for software upgrades or file exchange. USB 2.0 support hard disk and have a good time shifting. The remote control is simply designed, but it was lying in the hand perfectly, and all the buttons are clearly marked.

When you switch on the DVB- S 17-2SIRHUV Receiver for the very first time, you are greeted by main menu, which prompts the user to customise some parameters and to define which reception equipment is used in combination with the receiver. The new DVB- S 17-2SIRHUV Receiver offering the following languages for OSD messages: English, German, French, Italian. Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Persian and Greek.

Thanks to automatic detection, the receiver can handle PAL and NTSC signals flawlessly and switching between the 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios also went smoothly in our tests. Unfortunately, the DVB- S 17-2SIRHUVreceiver has neither S-Video nor component video outputs, which is a drawback considering the large number of flat screen TV and beamers in use these days.

Once the initial set-up is completed, the installation menu comes up to assist in adjusting the receiver's setting to the reception system used. The DVB- S 17-2SIRHUV supports DiSEqC 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS) to control motors for rotating dishes. If you own a multifeed antenna with up to 16 LNBs then this receiver is not for you, however, because unfortunately it does not support DiSEqC protocol 1.1.

DVB- S 17-2SIRHUV is fully MPEG-2 and fully DVB-s compliant receiver. This new receiver from Skyworth has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels with a pre-stored satellite list.

After the antenna settings are completed the next step is to search the channels. To this end we can select either a full scan on one or more satellites or a manual scan on specific transponders. Our test also confirmed that it's always a good thing to be able to restrict a scan to FTA, TV only or radio only. Scanning is speedy and took a little less than seven minutes for per-forming a full search on an 80-transponder satellite. SCPC reception is no problem for this box.

After the completion of the first channel scan the receiver leaves the main menu and displays the first available channel together with a highly informative status bar which features the title of the current and next events (if made available by the channel provider) as well as icons for teletext, subtitles or encryption.

Press the Guide button and the EPG appears on screen showing all events of the following to seven days. You may see the onscreen channel closer by pressing the zoom button on remote control.

Similar to most other receivers, the OK button calls up the channel list. The DVB- S 17-2SIRHUVreceiver features a clearly laid out list complete with comprehensive editing and sorting options. The channel list may be arranged alphabetically.

As soon as the Record button on the remote control is pressed the recording starts and the receiver transmits all data to the PC via the network inter-face. The PC saves the recordings for playback at a later time or for processing and burning using any standard DVD authoring software.



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