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Test Report for Fte maximal MAX S202E

Fte maximal MAX S202E

Fte maximal is a manufacturer company of equipment of reception, treatment and distribution of Radio, TV and Satellite signals, and it began its activity in 1965 in Muhlaken (Germany). The new receiver from the Company is MAX S202E Digital Satellite Receiver. The MAX S202E provides many new features that makes it stand out from all the other ordinary receivers. The fastest Booting & Scan Speed which makes this receiver to be the best in the World. Buy this receiver today and experience the difference.

The front panel display is situated on the left edge of the box, showing the onscreen channel number. There is a power button on the front panel and total six buttons on the right side. When you will open the front panel, you can access to conditional access system and USB 2.0 connector. The rear panel is equipped with TV scart connector, serial interface RS-232, RCA jacks and power button. The remote control have maximum all keys, controlling the complete functions of the box. The remote control that is included in the package has a good feel when held in hand. The RCU position switch to choose the RCU position of the remote control. The receiver includes an installation assistant , that will help you to setup the different parameters. When the receiver is turned on at first time, the Menu language will appear on your screen. English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic and Farsi languages are available for communication.

Once the desired language is chosen, the setup menu leads you to the channel search. There is a list of pre-programmed current European satellites, to which additional satellites can be added manually. DiSEqC 1.0 is available for switching between different receivable satellites and users of a motor-controlled antenna will find DiSEqC 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS) very handy. Unfortunately DiSEqC 1.1 for addressing up to 16 LNBs is missing, so that owners of a multifeed antenna with several LNBs will not be able to fully use all their signals with this box for the time being. The receiver is programmed with all channels of Astra, Hotbird and Turksat Satellites. Switching between channels takes almost a second, making the MAX S202E a fast receiver. After switching to a new channel an info bar is inserted with details about the current programme.

The EPG of the MAX S202E is another outstanding feature of this receiver. All event details of most channels are quickly loaded and displayed either as a chart for several channels or for each individual channel. At first the receiver shows an overview of all days for which information is available, and when clicking on an available date the programme preview is displayed. Thanks to this clever design the EPG is extraordinarily clear and concise, making sure even beginners will quickly learn how to use it. A PIP (picture-in-picture) function comes available as well and thus you can follow another programme and call it up to the main screen should it become interesting. The receiver gives you the option to recorded content.

Thanks to the USB interface, you can upload your favourite “MP3 songs” and have them ready to be played back through the audio system connected to the receiver. A list of all songs will appear on the TV screen where you can again pick out the ones you like best and perhaps let them play in a loop. MAX S202E Receiver locks to both SCPC and MCPC carriers flawlessly. As with most other receivers, the “channel list” can be called up by pushing the OK button. This also provides access to a variety of sorting possibilities as well as the ability to restrict access to only specific satellites.



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