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Test Report for ECHOLINK EL-7010 HD CR CI USB


HDTV, which stands for high-definition TV, offers the best picture and sound quality of all the digital formats. If your TV doesn't have an HD tuner built in, you'll need to attach an external HD receiver to enjoy high-definition digital programming. The new HD receiver from Echolink named EL-7010 HD CR CI USB receiver is our desk.

Front panel kept the elegance of EL-7010 HD CR CI USB that would make it fit even for exlusive interiors. Besides the 1 CI slot and 1 Smart card Reader are located behind a flap, a bright and attractive front panel display is situated in the middle of the box, together with seven buttons, which let you operate almost all basic functions of the receiver. Rear panel is also good and equipped with USB-port, TV scart connector, RS-232, S/PDIF, HDMI, Ethernet, RCA jacks and loop through. Remote control is designed well and control all the functions without any problem.

All DiSEqC versions are supported (1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3), which can make EL-7010 HD CR CI USB a best receiver. Regular automatic or manual channel searching is not something that you would enjoy, but still fast enough for our regular viewer. It took us 7 minutes to scan a satellite position with 105 transponders. There is also a pre-stored channel list. So if you would rather get a more actual channel list, it pays to be patient. EL-7010 HD CR CI USB has the capacity to store 20,000 TV and Radio channels. Channel list is designed outstanding. Various sorting options, you can have the channels organized alphabetically, FTA/ encrypted, by satellite or provider. Channel searching is fast with EL-7010 HD CR CI USB. One second between channels is perfectly well for the regular viewers. It can be faster within the same transponder, or a bit more between DVB-S and DVB-S2, between SDTV and HDTV. But at least you can be sure that almost no channel will get out of your sight.

PIP is also as good as it used to be. Two channels from the same transponder can be displayed in identically-sized windows, the second one can be shown in a smaller window behind the main one, channels then can be toggled between. Nice and user-friendly two mode EPG is also here in all its glory. One click of EPG button lists upcoming events for the selected channel, press it the second time and you have a real program guide, with all neighbouring channels showing their EPG information, as long as it's available from the broadcaster. Just one single click of the button with a red circle on the remote, and your favourite show is marked for recording. The video signal can be delivered via Scart in RGB and CVBS modes. Additionally, multiple modes are available for the 4:3 and 16:9 screen sizes. Along with the PAL standard, the receiver can also handle NTSC signals and can even be set to automatically switch between the two standards. The detailed channel list can be activated by pushing the OK button. Thanks to the multi-picture function, you can get a quick overview of currently running programs on different channels. When switching between channels, an Info bar appears momentarily and displays information on the current and upcoming programme as well as specific channel data (teletext, subtitle, Dolby Digital audio, etc.) and information on the satellite in use. As a manufacturer, it is almost a must to equip your PVR receiver with a USB 2.0 or network interface. Echolink did not miss this and installed the capacity of the USB 2.0 interface. You can make the picture appear larger on the screen by pressing the Zoom button. You can start recording by pressing the record button.



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