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Test Report for Skyworth S10AE-R

Skyworth S10AE-R

When shopping for a satellite TV receiver, remember that you are buying an entire system. A satellite system consists of a satellite receiver box that connects to your TV, an outdoor satellite antenna and a remote control. One of such receiver is Skyworth. The small size Skyworth receiver will perfectly suite your living room.
The youngest Skyworth receiver can be easily described as best selling receiver. The sharp lightened front panel display is situated in the middle of the box. When the receiver is in stand by mode, the red button on the front panel will display itself. When the receiver is on, then the button will be green. There are eight buttons on both sides of the box, controlling the complete functions of the box without any delay. When you will turn on the rear panel, you will find here LNB IN, RF OUT, RCA jacks, Serial Interface RS-232 and a main power button.
The remote control is clearly labeled and is easy in use. It has a fast access to all functions. A comprehensive instruction manual is also available in English.When turned on for the first time an installation wizard pops up on screen and asks for the on screen and asks for the preferred on-screen, audio and subtitle language. Next, the receiver wants to know the local time difference to GMT and whether the clock should be synced via satellite or set manually by the user.

The receiver supports DiSEqC protocol 1.0, so that really every user should be able to connect their system to this box. The channel search on an 80 transponder satellite took a little over three minutes, which is a remarkably good result. Once the scan is completed, you're all set to actually use the box for watching and listening.

As we're talking about a DVBS2 receiver here both QPSK and 8PSK modulation is supported with FEC values of 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 , 3/5, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 and 9/10.

Skyworth has the capacity to store 2000 Radio and TV channels. In general, Skyworth EPG function is worthy, as it is nicely arranged, builds up quickly on the screen and shows all information correctly and efficiently. Video and audio are of very good quality in everyday use and zapping between channels is reasonably fast.

Time shift is a feature you will never again want to do without as it allows freezing an event at any given time and then continuing from that very moment, in case the telephone rings or any disturbance happens while you're watching TV. Every time you switch to a new channel or press the INFO button on the remote control the receiver inserts a cleverly arranged info bar with icons indicating features like Dolby Digital audio, teletext, subtitles, broadcasting standard etc. In addition the bar informs viewers which tuner is in use and which satellite transmits the currently watched channel. Two coloured meters let you know the level of signal strength and quality. No test is complete without pushing the receiver to the weak signals, and the Skyworth had to share the same destiny as any other box we evaluate. Given the limitations of the channel memory the channel list editing functions become all the more important.

Skyworth has done its homework in this area and channels can be deleted, moved, renamed or blocked with a PIN code to prevent children watching unsuitable channels. Favourite channels can be moved to any number of favourite lists. The detailed channel list can be activated by pushing the OK button. The multipicture display function show several pictures on the screen. The Skyworth is an easy to use receiver that did not reveal any problems in our tests.



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