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Test Report for Infinity Sat FS-2000 PVR Plus

Infinity Sat FS-2000 PVR Plus

The personal video recorder (PVR), also known as a digital video recorder (DVR), is a device that records TV onto a hard drive in digital format. Unlike video and DVD recorders, there is no need for tapes or disks. Infinity Sat has ventured into the Personal Video Recorder market with its latest PVR named FS-2000 PVR plus.

The front panel of FS-2000 PVR plus is a large display, which shows the onscreen channel number through a four digit green display. You will also come across few buttons for operation of FS-2000 PVR plus on the front panel. There is also a smart card slot on the front panel for access to pay channels with 1 USB Host Slot.

Rear panel of FS-2000 PVR plus will not disappoint you. It is equipped with all necessary connections, including Rs-232, RCA jacks, S/PDIF and LNB connections. The black colour remote control has a pleasant design and has full access to all commands. The user manual supplied with the box is clearly written in English. Hard disk capacity of FS-2000 PVR plus will let you to store many hours of programmes without fumbling for a spare blank tape or disc to make a recording and because everything is stored on one menu-driven hard disk, it's simple to find it again later. The FS-2000 PVR plus supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and the most user friendly USALS protocols. It can be used with all kinds of multifeed antennas.

The FS-2000 PVR plus features twin tuners and is capable of recording two shows at once. The hard drive is good. It allows chasing playback, letting you watch the start of a show while you're still recording the end of it. While you're recording television you can also watch something you recorded previously. Unfortunately the remote control uses the same stop button to stop playing and to stop recording. It doesn't ask you to confirm when you press stop while recording, so you need to be careful in such a situation that you don't accidentally press stop twice - stopping the playback and then inadvertently stopping recording. The new FS-2000 PVR plus receiver is reasonably fast when switching between channels. When you press record, the FS-2000 PVR plus checks the programme data embedded in the broadcast signal and automatically sets itself to stop recording when the show finishes. This might sound like a useful feature. Like most PVRs, Infinity Sat offering lets you pause live TV - buffering it to the hard drive. When you resume you can fast forward, rewind or jump in 10 second increments - useful for skipping advertisements. Unlike some PVRs, it doesn't automatically buffer whatever you're watching so you can't pause live TV and then rewind it. This might sound like a luxury feature you can live without, but if you've ever road tested a PVR with an automatic buffer you'd be reluctant to give it up. There are three types of channel service search in FS-2000 PVR plus. Blind Search Mode, Manual Search Mode and Advanced Search Mode. In Blind Search Mode, set Auto to search whole frequency, set Manual to search only desired frequency. In Manual Search Mode, select the frequency from the list to search, while in Advanced Search Mode, select the frequency from the list to search. Talking about the buffer raises another annoying quirk with the FS-2000 PVR plus. A trap with many PVRs is that the buffer is cleared when you change channel. If you pause a live football match to make a coffee and then resume watching 10 minutes later, it's easy to forget that you're not watching live TV. When you get to an ad break, you have to fight the urge to flick channels. If you do change channel you'll lose what was in the buffer so when you flick back to the football you'll have jumped to the present with no way to get back the 10 minutes you missed. T

The EPG helps you navigate through all the possible viewing options. If you want to view the current service information window, press the INFO button. Then the information window will appear. This information window is automatically displayed when changing services. The window contains many items such as service number, service name, scrambled service, Teletext, subtitle, Dolby Digital symbol, duration time and son on. Press Info button and you will get more detailed information. EPG screen choose the event you wish to reserve or record. During Live TV press EPG button to access EPG screen. Go to the event which you wish to view and then press OK. The event will be reserved with Blue play icon. This Blue play icon means that you want to just watch the event at the reserved time. At any time, you may press RECORD button to start you recording instantly. During recording, you may press Record button to edit recording duration time. Pressing the Blue button on remote control will display multiple pictures and RED button display 9 or 12 multiple pictures option. Channels may be sorted Alphabetically, transponder and CAS.

Finally, we want to address one of the main features of this receiver, the USB 2.0 interface. It can be used to attach external hard disk drives or USB memory sticks, which transform the FS-2000 PVR plus into a genuine PVR receiver. The USB interface is also used to update the receiver's operating software. PVRs are supposed to make you life easier, and the FS-2000 PVR plus is one of them to earn pride of placing in your lounge room.



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