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Test Report for TIGER E6 PVR


Satellite receivers have undergone some significant improvements over the past several years. Not only has the transmission technology improved, they’ve become much more intelligent, faster and more comfortable – and even more energy efficient. Personal video recorders are now so popular that the prices are dropping substantially.

Dish Channels has introduced many PVRs' but its reign could soon be ended by a new challenger to the throne from Tiger, which comes equipped with a feature list that makes the E6 PVR look positively archaic.

The front panel of Tiger E6 PVR will attract you at once. It is equipped with seven buttons for the complete operation of the box. There is also a USB slot disk on the front panel. The rear panel is equipped with a TV scart connector, RS-232, RCA jacks and a power button. The USB interface lets you do much more: you can insert a USB memory stick to handle an ever increasing number of functions: upload a new channel list, upgrade the receivers operating software and even temporarily record time-shifted programmes. The user manual supplied with the receiver is well written in English and Arabic. The included remote control sits nicely in your hand, its buttons are easy to reach, clearly labelled and provide convenient feedback when pressed.

Tiger E6 PVR supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS protocols. This outstanding receiver has the capacity to store 4000 TV and Radio channels. Updated C and Ku-band satellites are available from worldwide. Apart from receiving Ku band signals, the Tiger E6 PVR receiver can also be used for C band signals and thanks to freely selectable LOF data even the most exotic LNBs can be made to work with this receiver. A whole range of options for switching between bands and polarisations makes it even more versatile. The onscreen design is superb, particularly the EPG that sensibly adopts the horizontal timeline overview. Surrounding the list is a programme synopsis and a small box playing live TV, plus a handy legend that tells you which button to press for each function. We're also hugely impressed by the elaborate menu system which dazzled us with flashy text and graphics that make a refreshing change from the usual dour displays found on some other PVRs. Unlike most such devices, the E6 PVR will allow users to copy recordings off the box and onto the computer for archiving. It's an easy process, although you first need to download some software from the website.

In action the unit is wonderfully slick; changing channels in less than a second and sailing through menu options without any pauses - all of which makes the user experience a pleasant one. Even when it's busy recording two channels, you can access the EPG and carry out other functions without any detrimental effect on performance.

Whenever the receiver switches to a new channel it inserts an info bar with details regarding the currently show showing and next event as well as icons for encryption, subtitles, DD audio etc. Signal quality and signal strength as well as satellite and frequency of the currently watched channel are also shown. The OK button calls up the channel list which lists all available channels in a clearly arranged way. You may bring the onscreen channel closer by pushing the Zoom button on the remote. The searched channels may be saved in favourite list to watch it later.

The Tiger E6 receiver is of great potential. It includes a number of useful ideas which are combined with just the right mix of ease of use and comprehensive features.



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