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Test Report for Samsat 450 USB

Samsat 450 USB

The Samsat 450 USB is the very latest in the line of Samsat receivers and is aimed at users who either own a laptop, those who have no free PCI slots or users who may not be comfortable installing PCI cards into their machine. The Samsat 450 USB receiver is capable of Ku and C-Band digital reception with full DiSEqC, USALS and 22KHz support. The unit comes with a clear braided USB cable for connection from the receiver to the computer, 2 card embedded model and PVR ready.

The front panel of Samsat 450 USB is designed different as compared to other receivers. The seven buttons are on the left upper side of the box, allowing access to full operations of the box. The rear panel is loaded with all necessary connections you may expect from this box. The receiver is extremely light and arrives good in packaging. The remote control is of a medium size and easy to use even with one hand. After attaching the necessary leads to make this receiver function then it is time to switch on. This has got to be one of the easiest receivers to set up.

After the Samsat logo, a Menu page appears. Here the user selects their language. 9 Choices of language are available, they are mainly English, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian. Transparency of the on screen data can be adjusted to the users' choice. The information display that comes on when you have downloaded some satellite channels can also be adjusted. As a feed hunter it is useful to put this to “On” instead of one of the timed options. This allows the data to stay on screen whilst going through the channels. When you are channel surfing you can get rid of the on screen display by simply pressing OK on the RCU.

Once the user has set the required criteria on this menu, move down to Store and press OK. The receiver then changes to the next page of the menu. The second menu page allows the setting up of you receiver to your television. If your television is multi standard then leave the TV standard at Auto. Choose the screen format of your TV and also the way that you have connected to the TV be it RGB or Composite. Choose the UHF channel if considered necessary and then cursor down to Store and press OK on the remote control.

Set up the receiver clock and date. Cursor down to store and press OK on the RCU. Important to set the clock especially if the user is going to use the Timer facility. The next page of the menu allows the user to set their preference for the type of LNB and dish in use.

By now the Antenna Setting would have been chosen during set up. But obviously you can change the setting if so required. Next are the three types of search, including Single, Multi-Satellite and Auto scan. This is where the menu has been “cleaned” up most since the first one received.

Channel Search allows the receiver to search the channels that are set when the software is downloaded, also it will allow a re-search of channels that the user has manually added to the data base since the last Master reset.

The picture can be zoomed in or even different channels can be displayed on the screen. The info bar doesn’t only reveal the channel name but also the current time, the date, the current and next programme event, signal quality and a bunch of other useful information such as encryption used (if any) and the availability of teletext, programme information and an EPG. After five seconds – or whatever period you select – the info bar disappears, yet can be activated again at any time with pressing the Info button. Pressing the same button a second time will display detailed programme information to scroll through, which stays on screen until it is deactivated. The electronic programme guide (EPG) is of the comprehensive kind as well.

Samsat 450 USB receiver has the capacity to store 4000 TV and Radio channels. The favourite channels may be stored in one of the seven lists. Channels may be sorted by Alphabetically, FTA, CAS, Satellite and Network. Kids may be keep away from adult channels through parental control function.

Using teletext is just as much fun as all pages are read and stored after an initial touch of the Teletext button and are ready for reading right away. Video games will keep you happy, while long commercial breaks.



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