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Test Report for Star Sat SR-X 6300 USB

Star Sat SR-X 6300 USB

More and more manufacturers are now fitting their PVR receivers with not only the standard USB 2.0 jack but also a network interface, whether it's wired or wireless. The reasons for this are actually quite obvious: if you've ever tried to link components via USB 2.0 that are more than 10 – 15 meters apart, you would already know that you are approaching the limits of its capabilities. Star Sat new receiver SR-X 6300 USB is fitted with all such unique features. The front panel is equipped with seven buttons. These buttons are very helpful, incase the remote control is missing. In the centre of the front panel is a very easy to read alphanumeric VFD display. The flap on the front hides the common interface slot for adding pay TV channels, and a Type B USB port, which enables you to transfer pictures and music from a PC onto the unit's hard-disk and play them on your TV and home cinema system. The latter is a valuable feature, given its rarity among hard-disk PVRs.

On the rear panel you'll find a fairly standard selection of sockets, including IF input, Serial Interface RS-232, Programmable 12 volt put, TV scart connector, RCA Jacks, power button and HiFi outputs. The included remote control sits very nicely in your hand and is properly labeled with all the buttons within easy reach. The user manual leaves nothing to say behind and you will found every answer of your question. Turn on the SR-X 6300 USB Receiver for the first time and it quickly will ask you to select your desired OSD language. English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Farsi and Dutch languages are available. Once the receiver knows how to communicate with you it swiftly moves you to the main menu which cannot be left until a channel scan has been performed. Before you can view the Television or Radio programme, you must perform the installation procedure first. Therefore you will see only Easy Installation Menu at first when you plug in your system. The Easy Installation gives you the convenience of selecting various languages, adjusting the time and channel search. The first option is the language selection. The receiver supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1 1.2 and USALS protocol. Once the initial setup has been completed, then one can go for channel search. Its time to find the channels that you would actually watch. Here are two options for channels searching. Automatic or manual search.

1400 TV and 616 Radio channels were found in 4 minutes. The receiver's channel scan speed was also quite impressive. The scanned channels can be delete, rename, sort and moved to one of the favourite list for easier recall later time. To make sure all channels you watch frequently can be found at the touch of a button at a later stage, you should move them to one of five favourite lists which can be freely defined by the user.

SR-X 6300 USB Receiver has the capacity to store 6000 TV and Radio channels. It comes preprogrammed with updated satellites from worldwide. You may watch two channels from the same transponder at the same time by pressing the PIP button. In recorded mode, during your watching, press A-B button to set up a starting point A, then set another point B by press A-B button again after a while, then it will start to playback from A to B and repeat the programmes between this two points if no any interruption. After the TV channels have been programmed, you will see the information box each time you change the channels. Every time you change channels, you will receive programme information for a few seconds. SR-X 6300 USB Receiver also supports the multi video function, showing 6, 9 and 10 pictures at one time on the screen. Multiple channels will be displayed on your screen. You may watch the onscreen channel close by pressing the zoom button.



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