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Test Report for Truman TM 1100 PVR

Truman TM 1100 PVR

Dish Channels this issue already gives readers the opportunity to present the test report of Truman latest manufactured TM 1100 PVR. This receiver was produced and developed by Truman. This manufacturer somehow always manages to implement the latest technology as well as an easy-to-use concept in their receivers. Its boxy design will attract you by first glance. But on the plus side the front-mounted buttons are tidily arranged and the information display is clear. The flap on the front hides the common interface slot for adding pay TV channels. They can accept any compatible module such as Irdeto, Seca, Viaccess, Conax, Alphacrypt, etc.

The rear panel is also designed very interestingly and will not disappoint you. It is equipped with RCA jacks for composite video, stereo audio and YUV video, programmable 12 volt output, two Scart connectors, an RS-232 serial interface, S/PDIF, USB port and a power button for turning on and off the receiver completely. There's really nothing missing here. The included remote control sits very nicely in your hand with buttons that are efficiently arranged making it fun to play with this receiver. The well-written user manual comes with numerous pictures that make it easy for users to step into the world of the TM 1100 PVR without overloading them with several hundred pages at first glance. After turning on the receiver for the first time, the installation wizard will appear on your screen.

TM 1100 PVR supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS), which means that all configurations from a simple multifeed setup to a DiSEqC controlled rotating system or a Wave frontier antenna with 16 LNBs can be connected and controlled effortlessly. The satellite list provided by the manufacturer comprises European, Asian and American satellites. There are two types of channels scanning, namely Single Scan and Multi Scan. Press the red key, it will show up a dialog to ask you scan mode, means you want to scan all channels or only scan free channels. While in Multi Search, it support search the multi satellites one by one as user select. TM 1100 PVR took less than eight minutes to scan all signals of an 80-tranaponder satellite, which puts the box in an above average position. When setting up the receiver we noticed that it is able to communicate with its users in either English, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Ukraine, Persian, Romanian, Hungarian, Kurdish and Italian. If the video output switch on the back panel has been set to HDMI or YUV, the euro scart output options are S-Video or CVBS only, while RGB is available as well when the switch is on Scart.

TM 1100 PVR has a 8000-channel memory only for TV and radio, which is definitely not sufficient these days for a DiSEqC1.3 box. Channels can be deleted, moved, renamed or blocked with a PIN code to prevent children watching unsuitable channels. Favourite channels can be moved to any number of favourite lists. Symbolrates starting at the rate of 2.45ms/sec were processed easily during our test. You may access the channel list by pressing the OK button on the remote control. Switching between channels is very fast. Weak signals, on the other hand, didn't seem to be a problem for the TM 1100 PVR. There are two options for Timer Service, include TV Channel and Radio Channel. You may record Radio and TV Programmes to USB Hard Disk. There is also a satellite guide included in the receiver. Satellite guide is used for local longitude and satellite longitude. By the evaluation from the receiver evaluate the antenna azimuth and antenna evaluation. Users may save unlimited recordings in 74 GB Hard Disk.



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