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Test Report for Digital Telecom USB Box-1

Digital Telecom USB Box-1

Digital telecom is today a name to reckon with the Satellite Technology business for three simple but good reasons, a vision to excel, a commitment to better customer service and a dedication to innovate & introduce cutting edge technology. From the beginning of satellite TV broadcasting Digital Telecom was and stills a best name in satellite TV reception systems. Digital Telecom USB Box+1 Digital Satellite Receiver is the latest addition of the company, which has reached our test centre. It is USB Multimedia Box. It has come packed with movie format and music format with MPEG 1, 2 ,4 (MPEG, MPEG DAT, VOB) AVI ( DivX 3.x/ 4.x /5.x) and MP3, WMA as well as picture format JPEG, BMP, GiF and subtitle format SMI , SRT and SUB.

The front panel of Digital Telecom USB Box-1 Digital Satellite Receiver is designed very attractively. The window display is situated in the middle of the box, showing the number of onscreen channel through four digit green display. There is also a CARD Slot, USB port and SD Card slot location (optional) on the front panel behind a flap. As we turned on the rear panel, we find it interesting. It is equipped with LNB in, IF out, TV out, Antenna in, USB 2.0 port, S/PDIF and a main power switch. The remote control is very user friendly. Digital Telecom USB Box+1 Digital Satellite Receiver has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels. It supports DiSEqC Version1.0 and 1.2 protocols. Fully MPEG-2 technology is used in this box. The new Digital Telecom receiver is definitely multilingual in terms of the on-screen menu languages. Next to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Dutch, Farsi, Polish and Portuguese, the user can also choose from Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Serbian and Turkish. The video signal can be delivered via Scart in RGB and CVBS modes. Additionally, multiple modes are available for the 4:3 and 16:9 screen sizes. Along with the PAL standard, the receiver can also handle NTSC signals and can even be set to automatically switch between the two standards. The Main Menu is divided into five sub categories.

The receiver offers an automatic scan, a manual scan and an expanded search with manual PID entry. Of course, a network scan is also possible as is scanning for only free-to-air (FTA) channels. Once the desired language is chosen for communication, the setup menu leads you to the channel search. You can also edit channels as well as channel lock. The function keys below the menu, which also helps in changing channel name or deleting channel. AV mode such as TV display mode, Ratio, Brightness and others could be set. You can also set a wake up timer applying with selected channel and change the Lock password, while TeleText shows the currently watching channel's TeleText information if applicable. There is a list of pre-programmed European and Asian updated satellites.

DiSEqC 1.0 is available for switching between different receivable satellites and users of a motor-controlled antenna will find DiSEqC 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS) very handy. Through Multi TP Scan, TPs from the selected satellite name, user can select few TP for channel searching. Before we can start enjoying TV channels the automatic channel search is activated. Five minutes and 10 seconds were needed to scan all channels of a 65 transponder satellite. Switching between channels takes almost a second, making the Digital Telecom a best selling receiver. After switching to a new channel an info bar is inserted with details about the current programme. You will also find details regarding the programme that is coming up next.

The EPG of the Digital Telecom USB Box+1 is another outstanding feature of this receiver. All event details of most channels are quickly loaded and displayed either as a chart for several channels or for each individual channel. At first the receiver shows an overview of all days for which information is available, and when clicking on an available date the programme preview is displayed. You will also find a Memory Menu in this box. The Memory Menu is for showing the list from the external devices which are connected to the receiver. User can play the data from the USB memory stick or SD card or external HDD by USB2.0. It is available for DivX Movie, MP3 Music and JPG files. To see the specific part wider or smaller, press the ZOOM button. To make wider and smaller, use the FF or FR buttons. You may record the currently watching channel into the PVR folder. The USB2.0 device has to be installed before recording start. You can play the Movie, Music, photo and any recorded programme from the USB2.0 devices. Symbolrates starting at the rate of 2.45ms/sec were processed easily during our tests. The detailed channel list can be activated by pushing the OK button. With the help of the function buttons, the list can be arranged by tuner and FTA/CAS and also be sorted alphabetically. Thanks to the multi-picture function, you can get a quick overview of currently running programmes on 2,4,9,10,13 or 16 different channels.

The Digital Telecom tuner is very signal sensitive and had no trouble dealing with the weaker signals. The receiver also mastered our SCPC test. There are still a number of other additional features that perfectly complete the overall picture of the Digital Telecom USB Box+1. Included in this list, of course, would be the numerous programmable timer entries that are available (weekly, daily, weekday or weekend only recording capabilities are available), the incredible ease-of-use of this receiver, the nicely functioning teletext decoder as well as the numerous practical extras that also are available. The USB 2.0 and network interfaces on the rear panel provide a link to a Windows PC. Recordings can be transferred to a PC through these two interfaces and from there.



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