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Test Report for Kaon KSF-270 IR

Kaon KSF-270 IR

Kaon is a global company dealing with all kinds of Set-Top boxes (DVB-S/C/T & IPTV). Kaon models are well known for their good performances and quality with low price. KSF-270IR looks very stylish with its silver finish & display in the middle of the front panel. On the LED display you can see major information about status of the receiver like channel number, time on standby mode, different menus etc. On the front panel there are buttons for emergency operation without remote and one smart card reader (IRDETO Embedded) covered using a door matching its design.

The rear panel has everything that you may expect from other brand receivers. On the rear panel, there are LNB input and output, RF connector, Serial interface RS-232, S/PDIF & AV O/P. There is the good old RS232 for connecting receiver to PC for downloading new software and editing channel lists. Remote control is very reliable & will never create any problem for you during operation. The manual is written well in English and Arabic.

KSF-270 IR supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 protocols. DiSEqC 1.1 is available so far only in Kaon KSF-270 IR. This DiSEqC system is applicable for the building system.

After pressing MENU button, a main menu list pops up showing Installation, Channel List, Edit Channel List, Program Guide, System Setting, CA Status & Utility.

There is an Easy Installation Menu when the system is switched ON first time which helps you set your desired language, Time & do channel search using its “Auto DiSEqC” function.

Manual installation menu also exists which can setup your system for satellite of your choice. You can do set up a single or multiple satellite setup in one menu and of course you can connect DiSEqC 1.2 motor and have an automatic motorized system. Afterwards you just have to leave receiver for automatic channel search. 1196 TV and 474 Radio channels were searched in 4 minutes and 47 seconds. It was one of the fastest search by Kaon receiver. If some channels are still not on the downloaded list then you have to enter frequency manually or do automatic search using the NIT ON function and then the receiver will search for the new channels.

After the television channels have been programmed, you will see the information bar each time you change the channels. Press the Red button to select the subtitle, then you can see the subtitle languages available for the particular channel. The user can reserve a desired programme at a desired time by using the Timer function.

You can put channels in favourite listings using the EDIT channel List and what is most impressive that you can sort channels by Normal (A-Z, Z-A Lock & All), Satellites, CAS, Network, Genre & Favorite).As this is an IRDETO embedded receiver, the IRDETO CAS channels can be sorted out & viewed at your convenience. Re-arrangement of channel list (Move channel, Lock, delete, Rename, Skip etc) can be done using the Edit Channel List Menu.

Good addition to impressive performance is possibility to zoom any part of the picture. Pressing the OK button will bring the detail channel list to the screen. Adult channels may be blocked via pin code.

We usually do not get into too much detail concerning CA functionality because it differs significantly from CAS to CAS and from provider to provider. However this time, we would like to draw your attention to the point that KAON KSF-270IR is an official IRDETO embedded receiver & the smart card slot only supports Irdeto official cards.

EPG function will tell you exact programs to watch now and next. Teletext is good addition as you don't have to have TV with teletext decoder to see teletext from all those favourite channels. If nothing on TV suits you this time you can always switch to some games in your receiver and your fun will never end.



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