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Test Report for Echolink EL-7020 HD IR 2Ci

Echolink EL-7020 HD IR 2Ci

HDTV, which stands for high-definition TV, offers the best picture and sound quality of all the digital formats. HDTV receivers are getting fame and place everywhere these days. Echolink EL-7020 HD IR 2Ci Receiver is probably the best unit in this category. With a sleek black casing, it resembles a PC modem more than a tuner, and is a fairly unsightly box as a result. This isn't the sort of high-caliber component most users are going to proudly want to display as part of their home entertainment systems. On the plus side, this unit is small enough to tuck away, and because of its size can be used lying flat or on its side.

Echolink EL-7020 HD IR 2Ci Receiver isn't something you'd likely consider for the looks; it's what it can deliver. It is a sleek external video receiver for HDTV content, and it is meant to be used between an antenna and a TV or video projector. In fact, this box requires an external antenna to get any signal, but it can be used with smaller indoor HDTV antennas should you happen to be close enough to a broadcast transmitter. Nonetheless, the range of features is much bigger than the sheer size suggests: on the back panel there is the usual IF input plus looped-through output, as well as two scart connectors, RCA jacks for YUV, stereo audio and composite video, an S-Video output, an optical and coax digital audio output, an RS232 interface, HDMI, YPb Pr Output and even a USB 2.0 interface for connecting an external hard disk or USB stick. Let's turn to the front panel, which boasts seven buttons for operating receiver without remote control and sports an alphanumeric VFD display which is extremely easy to read. A small flap on the right side of front panel hides two CI slots for all standard modules as well as a card reader for Conax, X-Crypt, DG-Crypt, Firecrypt and Crypton. The included remote control sits nicely in your hand and all buttons are cleverly arranged so they can easily be reached. The manual is written easily in English. To start your receiver for the first time, you must select the language for displaying menus and you should set parameters for system configuration and scan satellite channels. Once you've reached the antenna settings you need to tell the box which positions can be received with the existing equipment and how the receiver should switch between available positions.

Echolink EL-7020 HD IR 2Ci Receiver features unlimited pre-stored European and Asian satellite positions and a number of selection options for each single entry. It supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 (USALS) are available for rotating dishes. It has the capacity to store 10,000 TV and Radio channels. After finishing all initial settings, the another step is to scan for channels. Three modes are available namely automatic, manual and blind scan. You will be surprised to see the fast channel scan. After just over three minutes it had completed a scan of 1253 TV and 566 Radio channels. The scan channels can be delete, sort and moved to the favourite lists. We enjoy taking full advantage of the ability to customize the on-screen features of the Echolink EL-7020 HD IR 2Ci Receiver. You can choose between multiple screen formats -- full screen, stretched, letterbox, pillar-box, or crop mode -- and resolutions, as well. In addition, parents will be thankful for the ability to dictate what content their children are watching by locking out inappropriate programming. You can make the picture appear larger on the screen pressing the Zoom button on the screen. Manual PID entry is also possible. The blind scan feature is a very special feature of EL-7020 HD IR 2Ci Receiver. Using this option the scan is performed in steps of 3 or 4 MHz covering the full frequency range. Up to four symbol rates can be pre defined for each scan, or you can leave it to the receiver to detect the respective symbol rates automatically. Symbolrate staring at the rate of 2.45ms/sec were processed easily during our tests. Pressing INFO button of remote shows information on currently shown event, and if you're still not fully satisfied try the same button yet once again and you'll be delighted to find a huge range of channel parameters showing up on the screen. EPG shows programme details for one channel over several days. Channel switching is good and takes about 1.5 seconds.



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