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Test Report for Euro Star EB 555IR GOLD

Euro Star EB 555IR GOLD

Over the past 25 years The EUROSTAR Group has emerged as a leader in the digital satellite industry. The Group has successfully diversified into varied business activities such as Consumer Electronics, IT & Telecom, Real Estate, Logistics, Integrated Systems, Channel Distribution & Business Process Outsourcing. With a state of the art infrastructure including a sophisticated logistics establishment, a dynamic call centre & a vibrant geographical reach spanning across Middle East, Africa, CIS, Indian subcontinent, Far East and Europe, Eurostar has truly become a global business entity. The latest model from the Eurostar, EB 555IR GOLD has been introduced to the market very recently and has also arrived at our test labs. After unpacking, we discovered a full sized unit of an elegant sober design in black and grey colour. On the front, you will see different buttons for complete operation of the receiver. The rear panel is even more surprising: Besides the classical two Scarts, the RCA jacks, and video and a serial interface, you will discover two sets of LNB in/outputs for the 2 tuners, a UHF modulator, an optical digital audio output. The remote control is rather small for the consider-able amount of functions it has to command on a receiver. The overall workmanship of this receiver makes a very solid and visually appealing impression. The channel memory allows up to 4000 TV and Radio channels to be stored, which is very convenient since the Eurostar implements the DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 or USALS protocols. 52 updated C and Ku-band satellites from worldwide are also included in the receiver. The TV output signal can be configured RGB,CVBS or YUV.

The next step is to select a satellite and start channels searching. The next step is to scan these satellites. The satellite fans who decide to look for new channels will certainly know in advance the frequencies and could enter them manually to memorize this very particular station they are looking for. Even better, the transponder list can be edited. After the scan, you always end up with an almost endless list of TV and radio stations. Many of them will either be scrambled or not interesting for the one or the other particular user. To organize such a crowded channel list, the user has eight favourite lists. Now that all these preliminaries have been dealt with, the next step would be to sit back and start watching your favourite channels. The switching from one channel to another is immediate, even on scrambled channels, the picture quality is flawless. After pressing OK button, the channel list is presented. Except for sorting by satellite or by channel name, we can conveniently organize the channels directly from this window. Interesting that we can add the selected channel to more that one favorite list.

An EPG allows the viewer to take advantage of features such as program summaries, search by subject or channel, immediate access to the selected program, reminders, and parental control functions. It also enables services such as video on demand. EB 555IR GOLD has mastered them during our tests without any problems.

Symbolrates starting at the rate of 2.45ms/sec were processed during our test. It switches automatically between PAL and NTSC. SCPC and MCPC signals reception is an easy task. Broadcast service using several otherwise unused scanning lines (vertical blanking intervals) between frames of TV pictures to transmit information from a central database to receiving television sets. To keep children away from adult channels, you may activate the parental control function. Despite all this, the EB 555IR remains a well thought-out receiver for the whole family with a very stable operation.



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