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Test Report for Venous-Sat 9000 IR

Venous-Sat 9000 IR

Venous-Sat 9000 IR is another entry in the steadily growing list of USB Personal Video Recorders. The Venous-Sat 9000 IR PVR is a sleek and compact receiver that has several novel features. The Venous-Sat 9000 IR PVR captures video in the MPEG-2. Just connect Venous-Sat 9000 IR PVR to your satellite, cable or broadcast TV signal and you can watch TV shows, pause them and record them to your computer.

The receiver comes in a silver and black case. The front panel supports a very easy to read 4-digit segment display. There are also seven buttons on the front panel of the box for complete operation of the box.

The rear panel has all necessary connections, including 12 volt output, serial interface RS-232, two scart connectors, RCA jacks, RF output and a power button for turning on and off the box completely.

The included remote control sits nicely in your hand, its buttons are easy to reach, clearly labelled and provide convenient feedback when pressed. A digital audio output makes sure any home cinema system is fed with crystal-clear audio and a USB 2.0 port is available for connection external storage media to use the PVR functionality.

The user's manual is drawn up just as smartly and provides a clear structure, features illustrations where they are needed and answers all questions that might arise when using the receiver. It is clearly and briefly written in English. The Venous-Sat 9000 IR PVR has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels. It comes preprogrammed with 64 updated satellites from worldwide. The receiver supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS protocol.

After installing the receiver and power on, the main menu will be displayed. The main menu is divided in five sum-menus. If you connect a regular CRT TV set to the box you will most probably decide to use the RGB video output mode. CVBS is available as well and if your TV set has the corresponding inputs you may also use the YUV output. The Venous-Sat 9000 IR PVR performs three types of channel search. They are Automatic Search, Manual Search and Blind Search. Automatic Search function is convenient tool to search multi-satellites in one time. Press the arrow keys to move the wanted satellite. Press OK , this satellite will be chosen if you see a tickle appears in the end of the line. Naturally, a manual scan gives you even greater options and you can manually enter frequency, symbol rate, polarisation, PID, modulation (with the receiver supporting QPSK in DVB-S and QPSK as well as 8PSK in DVB-S2) and FEC. This receiver integrates USB port, which supports USB portable hard disc, USB memory disc. There are two parts in the USB browser. Disk partition list and final list. You can record any audio and video data to hard disk and watch these programmes afterwards. There are two record modes, which is manually record or record by timer. For the manual record, you can record any programme under the current transponder, while watching the current programme. Under the mode of manual record, there will appear the channel list for recording as the right picture for end-user to choose the channels which they want to record. The Venous-Sat 9000 IR PVR provides EPG function for you to get access to the TV Guide that will show the titles and other information of the current and next programmes on different channels. The information is only available from the network to which the channel you are watching. There's also digital text, an auto-tracking feature for reserved recordings that keeps up to date with schedule changes, and a picture-in-picture mode to keep an eye on another channel without leaving the current one. And if you thought video editing was limited to DVD/HDD combi recorders, you'd be wrong - the Venous-Sat 9000 IR PVR lets you copy, cut and split recordings to remove unwanted parts using a slick onscreen display. The USB 2.0 interface can be used to attach external hard disk drives or USB memory sticks, which transform the Venous-Sat into a genuine PVR receiver. Apart from PVR functional functionality and displaying JPEGs the USB interface is also used to update the receiver's operating software.



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