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Test Report for Technosat T-7700 2CA

Technosat T-7700 2CA

Technosat receivers are among the best in the market today. They are able to receive even the weak signals. The Technosat new receiver T-7700 is a high-performance digital satellite receiver, which is fully compliant with MPEG-2, based on DVB transmission standards for in-home reception of digital satellite services such digital television and radio channels. T-7700 Digital satellite receiver enables you to receive a multitude of free television and radio broadcasts.

The front panel of T-7700 is designed like other FTA receivers. However, the window display is somewhat larger is compared to other receivers. The front panel buttons are enough to control the operation of the box. There is also a smart card interface on the front panel to watch scrambled channels; you should insert a smart card, which has been issued by the service provider, into the Smart Card interface slot. You can watch only a specific range of channels with entitlements in the smart card. The smart card includes information to decipher parameters necessary for descrambling the programme. There is also a remote sensor which receives the infrared signal from the remote control unit and operates your receiver. This is a 2 card receiver with complete support for all multi CAS functions on both the cards - i.e it can simultaneously use both the cards for Irdeto – 2 cards, or have different encryption cards in each slot.

The rear panel is equipped with TV and VCR scart connector, serial interface RS-232 for uploading new receiver software, RCA jacks, IF out put and a programmable 12 volt output. The remote control supplied with the box is not so much attractive as other remotes available with models from Technosat. The user manual supplied with the receiver is written only in English.

After connecting the receiver to all external connections, the main menu will appear on your screen. T-7700 Receiver has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels and comes preprogrammed with 150 updated satellites from worldwide. The receiver supports DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS protocols. The more critical local oscillator frequencies for the C-band and Ku-band are already available. The TV scart connector delivers the TV signals in CVBS format. The receiver has quite fast scanning.

T-7700 performs two kinds of scanning, including Advance Scan and Power Scan. In Advance Scan, the channel search procedure can be performed in different ways. If there are predefined transponders, you can make an Automatic or Manual Search. If there are no predefined transponders, you can make a Manual or Advance Search.

The Power Scan is the most powerful scanning tool for finding all available satellite channels on a satellite in your receiving area.

As many as 1313 TV and 535 Radio channels were found in 4 minutes and 32 seconds. An incredible achievement considering that we activated the Network scan and searched for all available channels. You can use manual search if you want to add new transponders. The receiver has also the facility of Advanced search. It performs manual search with the ability to set PID values. It is normally efficient to search some specific channel such as non-DVB compliant channel or the channel that has abnormal service information. The scanned channels can be delete, rename, sort and moved to one of the seven favourite lists for easier recall later time. Each favourite list has the ability to store more than 100 channels. The channel list can be displayed on the screen by pressing the OK button on the remote control. There is a good news for users having both Jazeera as well as ART or Showtime cards together – No need to swap cards to view both bouquets” – It would be great if you can incorporate some text to this effect in the article specially highlight it.

The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) is available that shows informations for on screen channel. It is fast and well designed. Children can be keep away fro adult channels with the help of Parental Control function. Symbolrates starting at the rate of 2.45ms/sec were processed easily during our tests. Reception of SCPS and MCPC signals is an easy job. The receiver switches automatically between PAL and NTSC signals. The receiver supports video format in 4:3 and 16:9 format. Teletext informations are available for those channels having Tele-Text. T-7700 Receiver also supports multi video display function. The receiver splits the channels in 4,9,10,13 and 16 pictures. When it becomes complete, the first channel goes on start. It is also important here to mention the Zoom function of the receiver.



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