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Test Report for IG 740 PVR

IG 740 PVR

Personal video recorders that can receive Freeview, relatively rare only a year ago, are now so popular that the prices are dropping substantially.

A new Personal Video Recorder IG 740 PVR is very elegant. This box look pretty impressive. The IG 740 PVR is available a black and little silver body finish, although the front faceplate is black in either case. It's in the snappy slimline design of this particular PVR.

Several surprises are waiting for you as you open the parcel. First of all, the receiver itself of course, which is a full sized silver coloured box.

Front controls on the IG 740 PVR comprise channel, volume, menu and a power button and you’ll also find a USB port on the front panel. At the rear, you'll find audio and video, TV Scart Connector, Ethernet Port, RS-232 Port upgrading software It also has an optical digital output for sound, which will give good quality stereo should you have an amplifier or speaker system that can accept it.

The IG 740 PVR's remote is short and has the same glossy black finish as the unit itself. It has an easy access to all commands.

Unlike most such devices, the IG 740 PVR will allow users to copy recordings off the box and onto the computer for archiving. It's an easy process, although you first need to download some software from the website. The software is very user-friendly.

The front-panel display is bright and clear, and shows the name of the channel or recording being shown. The two tuners require separate aerial inputs, but the kit comes with a connecting cable if you don't have two aerials.

There's an eight-day electronic programme guide, which can be used to look for programmes and set recordings (with just a click). A second click allows you to record a whole series.

IG 740 PVR has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels. It comes preprogrammed with 64 updated satellites from worldwide. This PVR supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS protocol.

IG 740 PVR boasts that the channel switching time has been drastically reduced - down to less than a second - and indeed the IG 740 PVR does surf channels that bit faster than many other solutions, including most of the media centres we've tested.

Channel scan time is extremely fast and the list soon fills up with plenty of channels. The list of transponders and satellites is still not completely up to date, but it is easily possible to add new satellites.

IG 740 PVR has three ways to find channels. They are Automatic Search, Manual Search and Blind Search. Automatic Search function is convenient tool to search multi-satellite in one time. While in the Manual Search, choose the satellite you want to see. In the Blind Search, choose the satellite you want to see.

You can record any audio and video data to hard disk and watch these programmes afterwards. There are two record modes which is manually record or record by timer. For the manual record, you can record any programme under the current TP while watching the current programme. Under the mode of manual record, there will appear the channel list for recording as the right below picture for end-user to choose the channels which they want to record.

If you want to search channels from more than one satellite and want to have a channel list for each satellite, press SAT key on the remote control, a satellite list will be displayed.

Just press the record button to start recording. Press the recording button twice and a new screen comes up that gives you more information. Press the recall button and your play list appears. You can edit the playlist, create new files or simply rename something you have recorded.

The EPG is very well organized. A PIP (picture-in-picture) function comes available as well and thus you can follow another programme and call it up to the main screen should it become interesting.

Picture quality and ease of operation make this unit stand out. It is without question the best USB product on the market at this time it is well worth you will pay over several other USB machines in the market place.

Zoom function enable you to enlarge the picture. Press OK first, you will see one frame on the screen. Press OK, the chosen picture within the frame will be enlarged. IG 740 PVR offers you 9, 12 or 16 pictures in picture function. User can easily view what other channels doing in same time. The receiver switches automatically between PAL and NTSC. The timer function automatically turns on/off by setting function (daily, weekly, monthly and one time).

The user manual is of an out-standing quality. It explains in detail, along with numerous photos and screenshots all the features of this receiver just for the English version.

There are several video games attached in the receiver. These games can be watched via remote control. The overall workmanship of the unit leaves a good impression of solidity.



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