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Test Report for Digital Telecom USB Multimedia Box

Digital Telecom USB Multimedia Box

With the USB Multimedia Box, you can play multimedia files, games, record program, update software through USB port . For music, go to USB Media menu, choose path to music files, select one and press USB Play or Ok button to start play.

Press Exit or USB Stop to stop and back to music menu. Supports MP3. Press USB Pause to freeze music playing and USB play to resume. For picture, got o USB pictures menu, choose path to photo files, for the picture selected, there is preview in right side and use OK button to full screen display. It supports JPG and use USB Play to start slide play. You can also use USB Pause to stop, USB Stop or Exit to quit full screen and back to picture menu. For movie, go to USB movie menu, choose path to video files, select one and press USB Play or OK button to start full screen play. Press Previous/Next button when playing to skip to play previous/next video file as well as press USB Pause to freeze playing and USB Play to resume. For USB Game, go to USB game menu, choose path to Native32 game files, select one and press OK to play. Press Exit or USB Stop to stop and back to USB Game menu. You can go to to download more free USB game. For software update, choose path to new software file, which is saved in USB device, select and press OK to proceed. It should be the first thing after updating to set factory default. Record favourite TV Program to USB device and review it anytime in future. Before to record TV Program, connect hard disk to receiver and go to PVR partition select menu, choose disk partition where the recorded file is supposed be saved. Press Info button to check details information when recording, such as recorded time, available free memory size etc. In PVR Preview menu, select recorded file and press OK to preview. Press Yellow button turn to full screen. T he first thing that strikes your eyes when you see the front panel of Digital Telecom USB Box is its very nice LCD display. The display shows not only numbers but also a time in a standby mode. The buttons include Menu, OK, Exit, Channel up/down, Volume up/down. Channel and volume buttons serve as arrows when in a menu tree.

The rear panel of Digital Telecom USB Box is equipped with a TV scart connector, RS-232 interface for upgrading receiver software, programmable 12 volt output, RCA jacks and a power button for turning on and off the receiver completely.

Remote control unit is well-shaped and has a good feel when you press a button.

USB Box receiver immediately shows the main menu rather than an installation wizard. You start with customising the receiver according to you personal preferences. The installation itself goes smoothly and the first step is the selection of languages from English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Dutch, Swedish and Greek. The choice for the OSD language is even wider. After setting languages, we move to antenna settings. It is really nice to see here all DiSEqC versions available from 1.0 to 1.3 (USALS). 60 satellites from all over the world are pre-programmed and there is possibility to add 10 more. This is a big number! Transponder data are not quite up-to-date but we may edit them manually.

Because the Digital Telecom USB Box receiver can receive Ku band as well as C band signals a number of pre-configured LOF settings are available, which can also be adjusted manually, if required.

You can set either FTA or ALL channels. This may be an important decision since we have only 4000 entries in the channel memory available. Digital Telecom USB Box does change channels within 2 seconds. Pressing the OK button on the remote control will display the channel list. There are total 10 channels as well as brief information on channel in one page. The searched channels may be moved to one of the eight favourite lists. Menu screens have video insets as well as hints prompting us which button does what.



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