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Test Report for Truman TM 130

Truman TM 130

Truman has a promise with its customers to provide the latest technologies in the satellite world. The receivers of Truman are famous worldwide for its performance and high quality. TM 130 Digital Satellite Receiver is one of Truman high-end receivers, which has just arrived in the Middle East Market.

The front panel of TM 130 is designed simply. There are seven buttons on the front panel of the receiver used for various functions. The front panel display has covered the most area of the receiver. It shows the current channel number and time through a four digit green display in a stand by mode. The rear panel is equipped with all those connections which others ordinary receivers have. Two scart connectors for TV and VCR, RCA jacks, serial interface RS-232 for uploading a new receiver software, programmable 0/12 V output, S/PDIF, IF output and a main power switch for turning on and off the receiver completely. The remote control is designed simply. It has an easy access to all the functions.

As soon as you will turn on the receiver for the first time, the main menu will appear on your TV screen. In order to move forward, first select the language for communication. Every user will find a language of his own choice. You may select among English, Arabic, Persian, French, Russian and Spanish languages. The TM 130 has the capacity to store 4000 TV and Radio channels. The receiver has also 32 updated satellites from worldwide. The receiver supports DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2, so it can be easily used with a multifeed antenna. All the local oscillator frequencies for C and Ku-band are preprogrammed. Reception of SCPC and MCPC signals is not a problem for TM 130.

After antenna setting and selecting other parameters, it is time to set up the channel search. Manual PID entry is also possible. Scanning for channels is always a very quick affair with Truman receivers. We select the Hotbird satellite for channels search. We find 803 TV and 326 Radio channels in 4 minutes and 30 seconds. It was a fast search by Truman. Network channel search is also available for those channels remained from automatic search. After the complete scanning, the receiver first saves the channels and then turned on the first channel found. Channels may be arranged alphabetically or in a A to Z format. The scanned channels can be edit, sort, rename and moved in to one of the favourite list for easy recall later time.

The channel list is designed according to the customer's choice. During the channel list, the current channel may be watched in the right side window in a reduced shape. If you press the OK button on the desired channel, you can watch the channel on your TV screen. Channels can be rearranged in every favourite list (you can change their position) and a list itself can be renamed. Channel zapping speed is absolutely acceptable. It is well below one second. Symbolrates starting at the rate of 1.45ms/sec were processed easily during our tests. TM 130 is fully DVB compliant CD quality audio sound. The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) will display informations about the on screen channel. It is fast and well designed. All information that you may need is either displayed right from the beginning or after just a single button press.

If you want to watch the locked TV channels, just enter the password and watch all those, which you desire. The Info bar that appears for a user for number of seconds when switching to another channel or when the Info button is pushed on the remote, displays the channel number and name as well as the satellite with transponder frequency and symbols for FTA/CAS, teletext, audio options and parental controls. There are various video games included in TM 130, which is useful to kill time during commercial breaks.

Truman TM 130 is an elegant receiver to fulfill most of the demands of the present era. Operation and all menus of the receiver are designed simply.



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