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Test Report for Star Track SR-12 X

Star Track SR-12 X

Star Track is famous to manufacture world-class receivers. They are also known well for its quality. The SR-12 X is one of them, which has a reflective centre stripe. The SR-12 X is one of the newest receivers arrived at out test centre. The design of the box is simple yet elegant. The front panel is occupied by a large window display. It is completely a Free to Air (FTA) receiver.

Seven buttons on the front panel of the receiver can be used to operate it even with out a remote control. The four digit green display on the front panel shows the current channel number and time in a stand by mode. A Menu button and an OK button are also to be found behind on the front panel.

The rear panel has all those connections which others receivers have. TV scart connector, serial interface RS-232 for uploading a new receiver software, RCA jacks, programmable 12 volt out put, IF-output and a main power switch for turning on and off the receiver completely. The remote control is not too big and not too small and is light and easy to use. It is designed for easy access to all the functions and for comfortable grab for your hand.

After turning on the receiver for the first time or after factory default, the main menu will appear on your screen. English, Deutsch, French, Turkey, Arabic, Russian and Farsi are the available languages for communication. After selecting the desired language, the receiver welcomes you to the digital world. The receiver comes preprogrammed with 4000 TV and Radio channels. 60 updated satellites from worldwide are company setted in the receiver. You may add other satellites manually. All of the current settings for the selected satellite are shown in a window on the right side. The LOF values for C and Ku-band LNB,s can be set up. The Star Track supports DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2 protocol. So it can be used easily with a multifeed antenna.

You may either search for all or only FTA channels. The receiver performs quite fast scanning. We find 742 TV and 302 Radio channels in 3 minutes and 40 seconds. It was one of the fast search performed by the Star Track. After the complete scanning the receiver first saves the channels and then goes on the first channel found. These channels can be sort, delete, rename and moved to the favourite group list. The channel list does not disappear automatically. You will have to press the exit button to get rid of it. Channels may be lock in order to keep away the kids from adult channels.

The receiver supports TV-screen format 16:9 and 4:3. The receiver automatic conversion between PAL and NTSC. The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) delivers informations about the onscreen channel. The receiver is fully MPEG-2 having outstanding video and sound. The receiver also performs a TP scan and Single Search. Multi Channels Search is the additional character of Star Track.

The Multipicture display will show several pictures on the screen. As soon as all the pictures go on complete, the first picture starts running. Symbolrates starting at the rate of 2.45ms/sec were processed easily during our tests. The receiver has fast channel change function. After a channel change, an info bar appears providing information on the current channel having satellite name, channel information, programme name, scrambled and audio status. The additional quality of Star Track is that the software may be updated via satellite. The multi event timer will let you to programme the receiver according to your timings and it will let you know when your favourite programme is on air. The receiver also supports the teletext for those channels having teletext services.

As an FTA receiver, the SR-12 X is a good and an elegant receiver. 4000 channels, fast scanning and channel change will surely win your favour for Star Track. Owners of satellite receivers are really hunters and they will find that this receiver is enough for them. Video games are included to relax you, when there is nothing special to watch.



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