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Test Report for TOPFIELD TF 5000 PVR


Topfield, one of the leading manufacturer of high-end receivers, has met end-users’ needs and filled the requirements of the market through PVR’s with more advanced ASIC competitors cannot imitate and more user-friendly functions. TF 5000 PVR is well-know world widely as one of the Topfield’s products that realize its unique technology in the global market. This receiver will exactly fulfill the needs and requirements of a specific group of buyers. Topfield does continuous promotion for the products under its own brand and distinguished technologies in the world. TF 5000 PVR has more advanced functions on the basis of unique technology in the global markets.

TF 5000 PVR is a satellite video recorder with two common interfaces for CAMs as Conax, cryptoworks, irdeto, nagravision, seca and viaccess The two tuners with 80 GB HDD enable it to record two programmes simultaneously. The basic recording method is very simple. You will just press the recording button to record the service you are watching. To specify the end time, go to the recording menu and modify duration time. To go to the recording menu, press the button once more or select recording item in the main menu. In order to start recording immediately in the recording menu, press the OK button at start item after adjusting some options such as service, duration or file name. To go to the recording menu, select recording item in the main menu.

For the delayed recording, go to the system setting menu and press OK button at the timer setting item. At timer setting, press the red button to insert a new recording entry, set some options that you want to record with by using a button. For detailed information, then refer to the manual. For recording by EPG, just press the guide button to display EPG. Then select a service that you want to record, then press the button. Two times pressing of OK is also valid for delayed recording. The recording mark will be displayed if it is reserved to be record. For reference, if you press the OK button one time, the event is reserved to be switched automatically at the event time. This button toggles cancel successively.

A recording icon will be displayed on the upper right most of the TV screen for several seconds if the recording is initiated. Press the red button to see the recording icon. To check and modify the recording options, go to the recording menu. It is possible to watch and record another service even while some service is on recording. To record the second service, you can use any recording methods. The services you can watch while recording other services will depend on the tuner condition type. Beware the item of record No, when you adjust some options in the recording menu in case of dual recording. In order to stop the recording, just press the button and then press the OK button after selecting the recording slot by button in the live picture. You can also check the status of recordings in the record services list to check it, move the cursor to the file that is being recorded. And you can also stop the recording there. If the recording item is less than about one minute, the record file will not be created. The time shifting will not work at the different services from the dual recording services.

Press the red button repeatedly to display, resize or remove the sub-screen. Sat button is used to exchange main picture with sub-picture. It is also possible to enable PIP (picture in picture) at playback mode even though exchanging both pictures will not work in this case. If both of main and sub-picture are scrambled, only the main picture will be played. To use the time shifting function, the time shifting option should be enabled at the main menu. To go to the desired play back position, press the V+ button. To remove the progress bar at once, press the OK or exit button. If the pause button is kept more than 10 seconds with enabled time shifting mode, the live picture is changed to the time shifting mode.

Press the playback button to display the recorded services list. You can use several useful fun functions such as making and deleting folders, rename, lock, deleting files or display the event information, select some recorded service at the list and press OK button to start playback. You can move the playback position with the similar procedures. Fast motion playback is available in the time-shifted playback and the playback of the recorded services. Fast forwarding and rewinding is available in the live picture, time shifted playback and playback of the recorded services. Bookmark is used for quick searching.

The TF 5000 PVR is one of the best products in the markets. Despite its many features, it has remained easy to use. Exciting games will keep the kids touch with it. Sensitive tuners allow the recording of two different programmes at the same time. Regular software updates via satellite and internet are much more. Model : TF 5000 PVR Function : Personal Video Recorder HDD : 80GB, 120GB/160GB(Optional) Scart Connectors : 2 S/PDiF : Yes S-Video : Yes Type : SMPS Weight : 4.2 Kgz DiSEqC : 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3(USALS) Compatible Input Symbol Rate : 1~45 MS/s



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