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Test Report for EURO-9700 GolD

EURO-9700 GolD

EUROSTAR, established in 1990 brings the worlds best satellite entertainment to the discerning viewer. Its highly sophisticated systems are chosen by millions to bring entertainment from around the world with life-like clarity. The company has blossomed into a name synony mouse with quality and is the only brand that is able to offer a complete range of satellite receiving systems. EUROSTAR has also spearheaded in the digital technology by introducing its array of digital satellite receivers and was the first to launch the world first analogue satellite receiver with on Screen Arabic as well as English display. The company launched its latest version called EURO-9700 Gold.

Three buttons on the front panel are for changing the channel and adjusting the volume directly on the receiver. The current channel number (upto 4500) is shown in an easy to read display. The rear connector panel comes with all of the standard jacks you would expect to find. Video and audio is available on three RCA Jacks. Unfortunately, a digital audio output is missing. This box comes with 47 preprogrammed satellites. Communicating with this receiver should not be a problem. The user can communicate in 20 languages with the box. Menu transparency and menu timeout can be adjusted to your personal tastes. There are no limits while selecting the correct local oscillator frequency. All known values for the C-band and Ku-band are directly selectable. DiSEqC 1.2 permits the use of this receiver with a motorized system.

With the automatic channel scan, you have the choice of scanning one satellite or multiple satellites plus one can also choose to search for all channels, for FTA channels or for networks. Even if the scan looks for all channels, a simple push of the button can select between FTA and CAS. PAL and NTSC signals are automatically recognized and displayed. The Edit menu serves to organize everything that has been found. Channels can be deleted, moved, renamed, skip and locked.

Channels can be searched through RCU hot key. Channel surfing and scanning is quite fast (less than 3 minutes for Hotbird). The software can be downloaded via PC/satellite. Detailed information on future programmes is delivered by the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Popular channels can be moved. Into 9 favourite list with the following categories: News, Movies, Music, Education, Sports, Drama, Cartoons and Hobby. If some one ring the bell during you favourite programme, you may Freeze the Picture. The channel zapping function will not take more than one second.

The picture may be zoomed out by using “o” key in the viewing mode. The CAS system may be displayed in info banner. The arrow buttons on the remote control can be used to make one of the other images “live”. The volume may be saved for per channel. Symbolrates starting at 2-45 Ms/sec can be easily accepted. You don’t have to wait long at all to display any teletext pages since the integrated teletext function downloads all the pages into memory in advance. Channels may be recalled any time by pressing the “EXIT” key in viewing mode. The receiver also shows the current time in a standby mode.

Sufficient channel memory, fully SCPC / MCPC compatible will gain importance for this receiver. Model : EURO-9700 GolD Function : Digital Satellite Receiver Channels Memory : 4500 Type : SMPS Input Voltage : 100 ~ 240V AC 50/60 Hz Fuse rating : 250 V/T2 A Frequency Range : 950 ~ 2150 MHz Input signal level : -65 ~ -25 dBm First IF frequency : 479.5 MHz Channel Selection : PLL frequency synthesizer Input impedance : 75 & unbalanced Connector type : F type female LNB power control : 13 V/18 V, 22 KHz tone DiSEqC : 1.2 supported



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