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Test Report for HIVISION HV-7000


Satellite reception is not a problem nowadays. Hivision has introduced a new technology in their receivers specially for their customers. They had introduced HV-7000 FTA to the market. LT tuners had been used in these receivers, which makes the lowest signal reception possible. It does not affect the picture quality too. Such unique receivers had not been introduced by other companies yet. They had the fast reverse, forward and replay systems.

If you first take a look at the receiver from the front, you will observe the large display, which shows the current channel number. On the right side of the receiver, there are two buttons that an be used to control the receiver even without the remote control. Since this is an FTA receiver, you will not find any CI slots or smart card slots. The rear panel is equipped as you would expect: two scart connectors, an IF output, three RCA jacks, RF modulator, as well as an RS-232 interface to upload new receiver software. You may also found a digital audio output.

The main menus of this receiver can be displayed in a number of different languages. Every user should be able to find a language that they can use. The unique menus are very simple and very easy to operate. The HV-7000 can support SCPC and MCPC from C-band as well as Ku-band satellites. The SDRAM memory capacity had been expended upto 8MB. Users of DiSEqC motors can use the HV-7000 to drive their motors, but only via the DiSEqC 1.2 protocol. USALS is also supported by this box. Owners of multified antennas with multiple LNB’s are also out of luck, because this receiver comes with neither a 0/12 volt output nor the DiSEqC 1.1 protocol. The receiver is loaded with a significant number of preprogrammed satellites. The HV-7000 can store up the popular channels in three favourites lists. Here you can store up to 100 channels in each favourite list. As with most other receivers, channels in the channel list can be deleted, renamed or moved with edit function. Every LNB type for the C-band and Ku-band are accepted without any difficulties. The HV-7000 can also perform a completely automatic channel scan. If you are interested to watch a particular channel, just enter the first word of your favourite channel, the list will appear before you, select your favourite channel and watch without any delay. The receiver can process symbolrates from 1 to 45 Ms/sec. Manual of PID data is also possible as is the subsequent scan of a specific transponder.

The HV-7000 has shown itself to be an “everyday” type of receiver. Switching between channels is fairly fast. The EPG provides programming information. The professional will enjoy the display of all relevant channel data (frequency, symbolrate, polarization, PID’s etc.) with the push of info button. The HV-7000 is also equipped with MPEG/Music cam layer I and II, CD quality and audio sound. The built-in teletext and subtitle display the service on monitors or TV’s that don’t have their own TT decoder. The teletext pages are automatically stored and can thus be occessed almost immediately when selected. The installation and normal everyday use of this box can easily be mostered ever by those who are not technically inclined. The user is clearly guided through all the menus with manual receiver PID settings available to the more experienced users. It has the ability to download the data from PC to STB and also the facility of transferring data transfer between STB to STB. The HV-7000 is capable of setting frequency for SMATV system, that is used for small community systems.

From its design and functionality, the HV-7000 is a very successful receiver. It offers a sensationally fast channel scan, outstanding audio and brilliant video. DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS protocol guarantee that this box will become absolute all to soon. Unfortunately, there is no S-VHs output.

SCPC and MCPC and C-band as well as Ku-band reception are outstanding characteristics of this attractive box. Channels are sorted by Alphabetical order. Model : HV-7000 CI Function : Digital Satellite Receiver Symbol Rate : 1-45 Ms/sec. SCPC Compatible : Yes Ku/C-band : Yes DiSEqC : 1.2 USALS : Yes EPG : Yes Weight : 3kg RF-Modulator : Yes



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