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Test Report for Samsat 400 Super

Samsat 400 Super

Be aware that satellite channels come and go all the time. Channels can disappear, or become encrypted without warning. The most expensive receiver will be of no use to you if the channels you want have vanished. Occasionally, what happens is that a broadcaster changes their transmission parameters, so that the channels are still there but you just can't see them. In such cases though, it's usually straightforward to update your receiver's channel list to bring the channels back. Samsat 400 Super receiver will save more and more Free to Air channels for satellite hunters.

The front panel of Samsat 400 Super is designed very simply. One may find there all the necessary buttons. The rear panel is equipped with a TV scart connector, programmable 12 volt output, RCA jacks, serial interface RS-232, satellite input and a main power switch. The remote control is easy in use and will fit easily in your hand.

When the STB is first used it will display “Quick Setup” window. You will set language, First Audio, Second Audio, LNB Power, Antenna Setup and Multi Search. Make sure the TV set has been set to the correct video input (not the TV channels). For example, if you have connected the unit to the video1 input of the TV set then you need to select the corresponding input of the TV. Mostly it is done with the AV button of the Tvs remote control unit.

In TV mode you can enter the channel number directly with your remote control unit and confirm the number with the OK button to change to the desired channel.

In TV mode, press [0] key to enter the “MULTI-PIC” menu. In “MULTI-PIC” menu, you can choose channels' preview window(static), starting from the current channel. Only the marked preview programme is continuously playing. Press [CH▲/▼ / Vol◄/►] to change the marked channel among the preview programmes. With the number buttons [1] [9] you can directly move the highlight to the related channel. With [OK] you return to full screen mode in the marked channel.

In full screen, press [FAV +/-] keys can switch the favourite channels in current satellite channels list directly. The sequence of the switch favourite channels is following the sequence that in the current satellite channel list, not follow the sequence in the favourite group.

In TV mode press [OK] button to open the Channel List window. Press the [Red] exchange screen. Press [Green] button to sort the channels by free and scrambled channels. Free channel are listed first and scrambled channels last. Press [Yellow] button to open the SAT list. After selecting a satellite the channel list will be reduced to the channels of this satellite. Press [FAV] button to open FAV list. After selecting a Favourite Group the channel list will be reduced to the channels of this group.

Press [Blue] button to open the Find window. You can use this feature to find channel by their names. Press [OK] to change and display the marked channel. The STB supports Electronic Programme Guides (EPG) to give you information about the actual programmes of certain channels like event name, subtitle, description, start and finish time. This feature is depending on the service of the channel provider. Press [EPG] to open the EPG window. The [Red] button opens the detailed schedule of the marked channel. You can select an event with [CH▲/▼] and display the event's detailed description with [OK]. Press the [Green] button in the EPG menu to display the detailed information of the actual event in the selected channel. With the [Yellow] button you can programme a timer with the start and finish time and date of this event.

The [Zoom] key allows you to magnify a certain area on the images and the current screen will show. In TV mode press the [FAV] button to display the Favourite Group window on the screen as the picture beside shows.

Press [TXT] button in TV mode to open the teletext page. This service is depending on the support of the channel provider. If the channel does not support teletext information, it will show “No Teletext Data” on the screen.

In TV mode, press [INFO] button can open information screen, in the window shows the parameters of current channel. Two dynamic bars at the bottom of the window reflect the signal intensity and signal quality of the current channel. The receiver can communicate in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic and Farsi.



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