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Test Report for HYUNDAI HY-6688 FTA+CI


Mediacom is one of those companies that always focuses on developing digital and its related products by making the most of all its resources to become a world leader in coming digital age and by developing the new technologies and leading the digital innovation. Mediacom recently introduced Hy-6688 Digital satellite receiver, which is free to air and CI.

The Hy-6688 is not large in size. The front panel have a set of ring buttons used for operation and programming of the receiver. The current channel is shown on the green display which is easy to read. It has the capacity for 4900 Radio and TV channels. Two slots are hidden behind a flap, which are used with CA modules.

The rear panel is fitted with all the expected connectors. It is very typically equipped. A link to a TV monitor is provided by a single scart connector. Video and Analog audio outputs are also available for those regions that don’t use scart. Unfortunately, there is no digital audio output. The IF-signal is looped through for the connection of second receiver if needed. New software can be uploaded via the serial interfaces as well as via satellite. There is also a modulator for older TV sets.

It is very easy to use to easy graphic menu interface. It makes every thing possible. The receiver can communicate in English, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, French, Russian Spanish and Farsi. There are 25 audio languages. IT is compatible with NTSC and PAL signals. The picture format can be set to letter box or 4:3 or 16:9. The local oscillator frequency can be found easily. There are 64 pre-programmed satellites available. The DiSEqC 1.0 feature allows a multifeed antenna with up to four LNB’s. Channels can be easily found by automatic scanning. Here you can determine in advance whether all channels or only FTA channels should be scanned for. The Hy-6688 can also perform manual scan for the expert users. The signal quality are shown for reference, whether it is an automatic or manual scan. Newly found channels are added by second automatic scan of one or more satellites. The Hy-6688 is also capable of handling more sensitive SCPC signals starting at 2.0 Ms/sec. Switching between channels is easy. The desired audio tracks can be directly accessed via the remote control. An Electronic Programe Guide (EPG) provides information about the current as well as upcoming programmes. The integrated teletext decoder allows this service to be used even with a TV that does not have its own TT decoder.

Channels must be definitely organized. Unwanted channels can be deleted, while the remaining channels can be rearranged in a logical sequence with a parental lock feature available to block inappropriate channels from the kids. Popular channels can be listed into one of the four favourite list, so that they can recalled easily when needed. The video of the current channels is available as an insert. A push of the info button provides information on the channel name, the time of programme and teletext. A second push of this button provides technical parameter. If there is nothing to watch and you are feeling bore, then the video games will surely give you help something to do.

The Hy-6688 has high quality and inexpensive receiver. It wily easily suite your room. The easy graphic menu gives you confidence at every step.

Model : Hy-6688 Function: Digital Satellite Receiver (FTA+CI) Channel Memory : 4,900 Satellites : 64 CI slots : 2 DiSEqC : 1.0 / 1.2 MCPC / SCPC Compatible : Yes Ku / C-band : Yes EPG : Yes Teletext : Yes Scart Connectors : 1 Digital audio output : No Modulator : Yes



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