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Test Report for ASTON WAMBA 311


From the outside, the Wamba 311 from Aston is satisfying to the eye. It can not only handle both analog and digital signals through a single antenna input, but for the reception of all unscrambled channels. It also comes with two CI interfaces for Irdeto, Betacrypt, Cryptoworks and other types of modules plus a pair of card readers for its embedded, Viaccess and Astoncrypt systems.

A look at the front of the receiver will really surprise you and you will become happy. On the side of the display it shows the antenna signal, band selection (C or Ku-band), which antenna input is in use and more. This is especially important with radio signals since now you don’t have to rely on the onscreen display shown on a TV. Almost everything is shown on the display. This characteristic is enough to buy this receiver. You can also upgrade the receiver via Astra and Hot Bird Satellites.

The two slots for CA modules and the one smart card reader is just hidden behind a flap. The first thing you see are the two quick connectors for use with a magnetic or mechnical polarizer, so important for true C and Ku-band satellites reception. In addition to simple DiSEqC, there are also higher levels of DiSEqC that permit a corresponding motor to be driven to as many as 50 satellite positions. The IF from LNB can be connected to individual input. Scart connectors allow this receiver to be connected to a TV and VCR. In order to get the best possible video and audio quality from all of these features, the Wamba 311 also comes equipped with an S-VHS output and a digital audio output (RCA). For those with analog stereo systems, here is also a set of analog audio outputs. Just like with a PC, there is a port 1 and port 2. Here you can either upload new software or connect a modem. The Wamba 311 comes with a main power switch so that if the occasion calls for it, it won’t be necessary to search behind that large cabinet for the right power plug.

The remote control is nicely shaped. Next to all of the standard functions, you can also control a motor and quickly switching between TV reception, VCR and DVD player. There is also a freeze function that allows you to freeze the picture. An interesting feature is the zoom function. In this mode a cursor in the shape of a magnifying class lets you easily select a section of the picture and enlarge it.

Such a complex receiver requires a proper user manual. Wamba 311 has not disappoint us here whether a single antenna, multified, multi-user or a motorized type of system is desired, detailed information and graphics are provided for each possibility. The user can communicate with the receiver in English, German, French and Spanish. With the help of Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), one come to know about the programe guide for the current and the following programme with event name and summary. The system menu includes an interesting feature. Next to all of the standard function that you would except to find is a section where you can enter in your own local coordinates. For single antenna systems, this feature will calculate the azimuth and elevation for each desired satellite.

Once the antenna type is selected in the menu, a high resolution graphic appears showing the selection. And if everything is properly connected, a virtual signal path along with a sound and a signal strength is shown in the graphic. Aligning the antenna does not get any easier. After the desired satellites have been selected and the LNB correctly configured, the channel search can be started by key words. During a search routine all of the data related to the actual transponder is displayed. The search will normally take 25 minutes. The result is that truly every signal above 1.45 Ms/sec will be found. The search made will found both digital and analog channels. A well made edit function helps to make deleting and moving channels easy. The parental control function keeps the kids away from adult channels. The ergonomic menus for fully automatic scan and store of channels and bouquets with update and reorganization of lists of channels by bouquet and satellite.

Model : Aston Wamba 311 Function : Digital / Analog Receiver Interfaces : 2CI Slots and One Card Reader Channel Memory : 50 Symbol Rates : 1.45 Ms/sec SCPC Compatible : Yes Ku / C band Reception : Yes



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