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Test Report for SAMSUNG DSR9400 FTA


It is the extremely small free-to-air receiver. Clearly, the DSR-9400 FTA must have been proud to be associated with such a high-end system. It is the smallest of Samsung’s digital satellite receiver family. The only thing you can find on the front panel is a single system status light, nothing else. There’s the hint of a card slot that suggests that there is also a version available for PayTV reception. This would be the embedded Viaccess version. 4000 channels make this dwarf of a receiver look bigger than it actually is. It would not have made any sense to provide so much channel memory in a receiver that could only handle a single or double antenna input. With this in mind, the DSR-9400 was also equipped with DiSEqC 1.2 for use with a DiSEqC motor. The rear panel comes in two different versions. It has only one Scart plus a set of three RCA jacks that also deliver video and analog stereo audio outputs. All versions come with a digital audio output (optical). Because of its small size, the IF is not looped through in this receiver but it does have a main power switch. A serial interface is also missing. Any software upgrades would have to be done via satellite. It can communicate with the user in 19 different languages and with soundtracks and subtitles the number of languages increases to 37. 35 satellite positions are available. If this receiver is used with a DiSEqC motor, then up to 32 satellites can be scanned at one time. If it is used with a Solarsat antenna, the DSR-9400 FTA automatically calculates the proper alignment of this type of antenna. There are no limits when it comes to LNB local oscillator frequency (LOF) selection. Even unusual LOF’s can be manually entered. The scan can be run automatically, manually or for SMATV. In manual mode the PID values can be modified. Symbolrates from 2 to 45 Ms/sec are handled without any problems. Editing individual programs, transponders or satellites would be easy even for the beginner. A total of nine Favorites lists are available for the quick and easy recall of popular TV or radio channels. A push of the Info button displays abbreviated information on the current program. A second push of this button delivers program content information as well as all of its technical parameters (satellite, frequency, PID, symbolrate, FEC and provider). The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is an electronic version with detailed information on current and future programs. Just like with the channel list, the video of the current channel is blended in here is well. Kids can be locked out of specific channels through the Channel Lock feature. Teletext is available as OSD and VBI. It can be activated using the remote from either the TV or the DSR-9400 FTA.

The Samsung DSR-9400 FTA has proven itself to work very well with all of these more expensive items. On the inside, NTSC could have been added to PAL and SECAM. It is extremely fast when scanning channels and also when switching from one channel to another. SCPC signals are absolutely no problem for this box. It is an excellent receiver with virtues that are clearly not visible from the outside.

In typical Samsung fashion, the Dolby Digital HT-DL100 system fits in very nicely with the digital satellite receiver models 9400, 9500 and 9600. In its silver-colored cabinet is a tuner (FM, AM and LW) with RDS and 30 station presets, Dolby Digital/DTS and Dolby ProLogic decoder and a DVD player. The player is DVD and video CD compatible and can also play CD’s, CD-R’s, CD-RW’s and MP3-CD’s. The DVD is inserted in the front side and this is where all the control buttons can be found. The same buttons are also on the remote control. A large display shows the current mode (DVD, CD, etc.) with all the necessary parameters. When the tuner is used, the display shows the current station name. Six double quick-clamps on the rear panel allow the connection of the included front and rear speakers, a center box and a subwoofer (5.1). The Scart connector links the system with a TV monitor and composite video is also available via a set of RCA and S-VHS jacks. Unfortunately only one external audio input is available and this is already set aside for use with the satellite receiver. A set of antenna terminals is also available for radio reception. And just to make sure that this entire system doesn’t overheat, the HT-DL100 comes equipped with a very quiet cooling fan. The amplifiers final stage delivers 5 x 40 watts and 70 watts for the subwoofer. In DVD mode, all the relevant data of the DVD is shown in the on-screen display of the monitor. And once you have experienced the brilliant picture of the plasma screen, prepare yourself for a truly first class sound experience. The remote control that comes with this system can be used not only to operate the HT-DL100, but also to control most name-brand TV’s and displays.

Model:DSR9400 FTA Function:Digital FTA Receiver Channel Memory:max. 4000 Satellites:35 Symbolrate:2-45 Ms/sec .SCPC Compatible:yes C/Ku-Band Compatible:yes RS-232:no DiSEqC:1.2 USALS:no EPG:yes OTA:yes Scart Connectors:2 Digital Audio Output:yes (optical)



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