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Test Report for Mediacom MFT-910 Plus

Mediacom MFT-910 Plus

Mediacom International is today a name to reckon with in the satellite technology business, for three simple, but good reasons. A vision to excel, a commitment to better customer service and a dedication to innovative and introduce cutting edge technology.

Many companies are busy in preparing free to air satellite receivers. The Mediacom MFT-910 Plus free to air receiver is one of them.

Mediacom’s free to air satellite receiver is not with the CI slots and card readers. It is simple silver in colour. Its elegant design will fit anywhere in your home. The display is fitted on the front panel. It is easy to read. It shows the number of current channels. Seven buttons placed next to the standby button allow not only normal operation directly from the front panel but also its programming. This is a very good feature in case when the remote control is not working or the batteries are out of order or low.

The rear panel have all the standard connectors. The MFT-910 Plus comes with two sets of analog stereo audio outputs. The IF is looped through. It is also equipped with a UHF modulator with an output that spans the channel 14 to 83 range. It has also the necessary outputs for a servo polarizer. This feature is important in case of using C-band and Ku-band.

The serial interface can be used to upload new software into the receiver for uploading. It has no digital audio output.

The remote control has all the extra features. Contrast and color can be adjusted simply with the push of a button. Colored multifunction buttons provide easy access to specialized functions.

Eight different LNB types are set up in the installation menu. It is just to get the guarantee that the MFT-910 Plus can work with almost any set up. DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2 allow use with a DiSEqC motor. It has 3000 digital TV and radio channels and upto 150 satellites can be activated. It comes with three scan functions. SMATV is for a small community system, a manual scan with PID entry and a normal automatic scan. The scan can be further refined to look for all channels. It can handle symbol rates starting at 2Ms/sec with out any problem. If used with a mechanical polarizer, the critical skew values can easily be setup. The signal strength plus the all important signal quality are blended into the display as bar graphs.

The channels can be deleted, moved and renamed. The video of the current channel is blended in as an insert. One may list his favourite channels into one of four different favourites lists for easy recall at any time. With the help of parental lock function, kids can be blocked from seeing inaapropraite programmes.

Switching from one channel to other is slow. The info bar shows the channel details such as satellite, provider, signal strength / quality, date and time. PAL and NTSC signals are automatically recognized and properly displayed. The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) provides informations for up to seven days in advance. Teletext is accessed using the remote control from the TV.

The MFT-910 Plus is best for free to air channels. The installation and use of this receiver is very simple. If used with both C-band and Ku-band configurations, the terminals for a servo polarizer should make those users happy. Signal sensitivity is an extraordinary quality of this receiver. A nice is its picture zoom function with the ability to select the picture. segment.

Model : MFT-910 Plus Function : Digital FTA satellite receiver Channel Memory : 3000 Transponders : 2000 Satellites : 150 Symbol Rate : 2-30 Ms/sec NTSC/PAL : Automatic DiSEqC : 1.0, 1.2 Modulator : Yes RS-232 : Yes 0/12 Volt Output : Yes USALS Compatible : No



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