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Test Report for Humax PVR – 9100

Humax PVR – 9100

Equipped with the latest technology and design, the PVR-9100 is a combination of high-end personal video recorder and set-top-box for digital satellite broadcast reception.

The Humax PVR – 9100 has 2 tuners and has an 80 GB hard disk built in. This means that you can record one channel live while watching another The card reader and the two CI slots are hidden behind a flap on the front panel. Four buttons permits the receiver control. The back panel is equipped to handle almost any possibility. In addition to the two scart connectors, video and audio outputs are also available via a set of RCA Jacks. An optical digital audio output is also provided for these who have a Dolby surround system. The IF input from the LNB is looped through and a UHF modulator permits the use of this receiver on older TV sets that don’t have audio/video inputs. The serial RS-232 interface is for the uploading new receiver software, but one may use it for downloading the transponder data. The remote control for the Humax PVR-9100 is nicely equipped. The colored function buttons are spaced a little further apart than normal to help eliminate the possibility of pushing the wrong buttons accidentally. The PVR-9100 provides you the facility to view a channel and recording another programme simultaneously.

As usual, the first thing to do is properly set up the receiver. The available video norms on the scart connectors are RGB, CVBS and S-Video. If necessary, Dolby Digital can also be activated. The user can communicate with the receiver in 19 languages. Depending on the TV being used, 4:3 or 16:9 format is used. There are maximum 5000 channels available. If other satellites are to be received, there is no other choice but to enter in all the necessary data by hand. The receiver does come with DiSEqC 1.2 installed and this simply means that it can be used with a motorized antenna. Normally universal type LNBF is set up in the menu, but the LOF is of all other LNB’s can also be selected, even the 5.150 MHz for the C-band, when cable lengths of over 100 meters are used between the receiver and the LNB, there is always the possibility that the LNB will not function properly, because of the voltage drop in the cable. It has a feature in the menu that permits the use of extreme cable lengths.

When performing a channel scan, you have the choice of search in automatic, manual and network search. The more popular programmes will find their way into one of five different favourites lists, while the other can either be deleted, moved or re-named. Working with in the Edit menu is quite simple. A quick look at the programme list reveals the possibility to resort the list either alphabetically or channel number by satellite group and FTA. Switching from one channel to another is fast.

As a digital set-top-box, it can receive encrypted services via common interface module, as well as FTA broadcasts. It has outstanding stability and comfort are its built in features. The simple installation and operation, user friendly OSD menu, highest quality audio output with Dolby Digital audio and advanced video clarity made for TV and VCR are all designed to enrich the viewer experience. A push of the info button momentarily displays at the bottom edge of the screen information on the provider, current programme, signal strength, subtitle, teletext, encryption and current time. More information is provided by Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Programmes that appear interesting can be reserved. To be able to receive teletext content, the TV itself must have a TT decoder. Programmes can be recorded live. It has a fast forward and fast rewind in various speeds. With the help of parental lock function, kids may be keep away from adult channels. All programmes and channels are arranged by age limitation. If you are interested in some particular channel, than just enter the name of your favourite channel and you will find of your favourite channel in moments. Play back of recorded services with tricky play modes is it extraordinary feature.

Software upgrade notices are posted periodically on the internet home page, and new versions can be updated through automatic software upgrade service (OTA) via satellite or through software download service on NCSA via the built in serial interface (RS-232C). with the latest software viewers are always sure to enjoy endless hours of extraordinary digital broadcast and an abundance of data.

The Humax PVR-9100 fulfills all the requirements of a good receiver. Especially worth mentioning are the 5000 channels, the digital audio output, time shift recording for 2 hours, recording live channel and stop, recording reservation in EPG information, front cartridge type HDD storage are outstanding characters. Model : PVR – 9100 Function : Receiver + Personal Video Recorder Channel Memory : 5000 Flash Memory : 4 MB EEPROM : 8KB HDD Storage : 80GB (Front Cartride type) Input Voltage : AC 90~250, 50/60Hz Input Symbol Rate : 1~45 MS/s FEC Decoder : Convolutional Code Rate 1/2/, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 with Constraint Length K=7 2 RF Input Connector : F-Type, IEC 169-24, Female 1 RF Output Connector : F-Type, IEC 169-24, Female (loop through out) Frequency Range : 950 to 2150 MHz Signal Level : -25 to -75 dBM 22 KHz Tone : Frequency:22+ -4 KHz Amplitude: 0.6 + -0.2 V DiSEqC Control : Version 1.0, 2.0, 1.2 USALS Compatible Profile Level : MPEG-2 Main Profile @ Main Level Input Rate : Max. 15 Mbit/s Video Formats : 4:3, 16:9 Letter box (Default) Video Output : CVBS (Default), S-Video, RGB Audio Mode : Signal / Dual mono / Stereo / Joint stereo Frequency : 470MHz to 862 MHz Output Channel : Ch 21-69 for modulator Common Interface : 2 TV SCART : Video Output (CVBS, RGB, S-VIDEO) Audio Output (Resolution : 20 bits DAC, Max.2 Vrms) VCR SCART : Video Input (CVBS, RGB, S-VIDEO) Video Output (CVBS, S-Video) Video RCA : 1 Output Audio RCA : 2 Output (Left, Right) CI Slot : 2 Buttons : 4 Key (Standby/ On, TV/Radio, CH+, CH-) Display : 4 digit, 7 – segment Front USB Port : 1 Main Power Cable : Fixed type on the body Tuner and LNB : 2 input with loop through, 1 output RCA : 2 Video output, 2 Audio Output (Left, Right) Data Port : 1 RS 232 (3-pin type) S/PDIF : 1 optical output



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