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Test Report for Humax PVR-8000

Humax PVR-8000

Equipped with the latest technology and design, the PVR-8000 is a personal video recorder and digital satellite receiver with 2 common interface slots. As a PVR, it utilizes the loaded software functions with 80GB hard drive. This allows for assorted trick play, diverse formats of recording, and recorded services play back, all through time shift recording function. The PVR 8000 is MPEG-II digital and fully DVB compliant with 2 common interface slots for CA modules to access irdeto, viaccess and mediaguard etc. As a digital video recorder, it can record one channel while watching other channel simultaneously with the help of twin tuner.

As a digital satellite receiver, it can receive encrypted services via common interface modules, as well as FTA broadcasts. Viewers can now enjoy both outstanding stability and comfort in this affordable satellite receiver loaded with the very best technology. The simple installation and operation, user-friendly graphic interface, highest quality audio output and advanced video clarity made for TV and VCR are all designed to enrich the viewer experience .

In addition to providing more channels with the sensitive tuners, the PVR-8000 boasts the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and information plate that enable subtitles and teletext for a bounty of useful information on programmes and broadcast signals. The PVR-8000 also makes possible the advanced programme search with the help of Electronic Programme Guide, which provides information about the current as well as upcoming programmes.

The popular time shift function is also available in the PVR-8000. If your TV enjoyment is interrupted for any reason, simply pause the push button. The receiver will immediately start recording the channel you were watching. When you are finally able to get back in front of the TV, simply push the pause button a second time to continue viewing the programme you were watching from the point it was first interrupted. Programmes that repeat on a regular basis (series, news broadcasts, etc.) can be automatically recorded. This is a very practical feature if you work or a vacation keeps you from seeing the broadcasts live. Just like a standard VCR, fast forward and rewind, pause and slow motion functions are also available. 4000 channels for TV and Radio in both the C-band and Ku-band should be more than enough for any type of motorized antenna system. But so that it can also be used on a multified antenna. Popular channels can be moved into one of the favourite list, so that they can be more easily recalled. Channels can be copied at any time from one tuner to the other. Software upgrade notices are posted periodically on the internet home page, and new versions can be updated though automatic software upgrade service via satellite.

The PVR-8000 has an instant replay and than skip ahead. It is also possible to download MPEG files from PC. Various capacity of HDD are also available in PVR-8000. With the latest software, viewers can always sure to enjoy endless hours of extraordinary digital broadcast and abundance of data. With the 80GB hard drive and 44 hours recording, it is very easy to use the PVR-8000. The user is guided very confidently through the installation menus. It is nicely shaped to fulfill all your dreams of enjoying channels.

Model : PVR-8000 Function : Personal Video Recorder Channel Memory : 4000 Scart Connectors : 2 HDD : 80GB RS-232 : No Looped through IF : No



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