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Test Report for homeCast eM – 150 FTA

homeCast eM – 150 FTA

The homeCast is the set-top box global brand and it has brand concept of connecting your digital dream. The homeCast design symbolizes play using five digital pixles, which means the start of the interactive media and five digital piles stand for new and various media communication, joy and satisfaction of life and five sense through homeCast. These requirements are nicely fulfilled by the new receiver homeCast eM-150 FTA.

EM-150 FTA from homeCast is somewhat small in size than its other receivers, but it will be nicely fit in your room anywhere. It has four digit display which shows near 2000 possible channels. You may control the receiver easily from the front panel, but its programming must be done from the remote control. There are two scart connectors on the rear connector panel in order to use it for TV and VCR. In those parts of the world where scart system is not well known, a set of RCA jacks delivering video and stereo analog audio outputs are provided as well.

For Dolby surround system, there is also an optical digital audio output The IF is loped through and the serial interface allows new receiver software to be uploaded. Both PAL and NTSC are available via the scart connectors.

The user may communicate with eM-150 FTA in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. It is also true for the audio and subtitles. There are 32 preprogrammed satellites. These are with extremely current transponder data. One may use this receiver with a motorized antenna 32 satellites (C/Ku-Band) and 2000 channels. This is not a problem for eM - 150 FTA. It operates under the USALS protocol with a STAB motor. This receiver may be used up to four LNB’s due to the DiSEqC 1.0. The SMAT menu is provided if it is to be used in a community system.

The eM – 150 FTA have two different methods for scanning. In automatic mode, it quickly and easily scan all transponders and completes a scan of an 80-transponder satellites in just 2.5 minutes. One may set the scan for free to air (FTA) all. While in the manual scanning mode, the PID values can be manipulated. The signal strength and quality are displayed in a pair of bar graphs in both the scanning modes. This receiver is fully SCPC compatible. Symbol rate starting at 1.85 Ms/sec can be handled easily.

One may watch all the channels regularly with all these that is found in a scan. The edit menu is provided to help regulate all of these channels. One may store his favourite channels in a separate list. Other can be deleted, sorted, moved or locked. Unsuitable channels can be locked with the help of parental lock function, so that the kids may be keep away from them. Information on current and upcoming programmes is provided by Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). The integrated teletext decoder permits use with a monitor or with an older TV that does not comes with a Teletext. Switching between channels will take 0.7 seconds.

There is also a sleep timer included in eM – 150 FTA for those who sleep in front of TV. The eM – 150 FTA is although small in size but it has an elegant design. You will easily be its friend. You may enjoy the SCPC compatibility and the manual PID entry. The fast channel switching has made it already wonderful. Model : eM – 150 FTA Function : Digital FTA Satellite Receiver Channel Memory : 2000 Transponders : 500 Satellites : 32 Symbol Rates : 1-45 Mb/sec C/Ku-Band : yes DiSEqC : 1.0, 1.2 USALS : Yes Scart Connectors : 2



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