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Test Report for EM 5000 DIGITAL LIFE


Euromax is one of those companies that react very quickly to the requirements of new and existing markets. They have inexpensive receivers that are at the same time high in quality and easy to use. Even in established markets these types of receivers are always being sought after although the majority do not stand up very well to the test of quality. Euromax wants to address the markets of introducing a high quality digital satellite receiver EM 5000.

The display of EM 5000 is very typically equipped. It shows the current channel number, error mess age, remote control commands and time in standby mode. There are fie buttons on the left side of the front panel. These buttons are used for power, menu, OK, volume up and down and channel up and down. The IF signal is looped through and the two scart connectors link the receiver to a TV and VCR. Two RCA Jacks provide the analog stereo audio outputs. The UHF modulator provides a signal for older TV sets that don’t have audio/video inputs. The serial interface can be used to upload new receiver software.

Its 6000 channels alone would not be a stand out feature. But it also come with 120 satellites. The onscreen display of the EM 5000 can communicate with the user in multiple language. Because of the number of satellites it has and the number of channels it could store, this receiver would be perfect for use on a motorized system. DiSEqC 1.2 makes it possible. It has the reception for MCPC, SCPC, C-band and Ku-band Channels. The EM 5000 managed to find every signal with symbolrates starting at 1.45 Ms/sec. The manual scan can be set to search for all channels.

The display of Teletext is based on transmitted data using the EBU teltext specification and DVB bitmap. It is available only when the current channel carries teltext service data. VBI insertion mode and OSD (on screen display) mode are supported. In the VBI insertion mode, which is always on, can only be viewed on a TV which supports teletext using your TV’s RCU. In the OSD mode, you can view teletext even through your TV does not support teletext. When in TV mode, EXIT key will freeze the screen and goes to zoom function. OK key enables increase and decrease in size. The edit menu provides the necessary organization. Unwanted channels can be deleted, others can be moved, renamed or transferred into one of the eight favourite channel group for easier recall at a later time. The video of the current channel is always shown in an insert. Detailed information on current and future programming is provided by the Electronic Programme Guide( EPG). With the help of parental lock function, kids may be keep away from adult channels.

EM 5000 has simple installation and operation. All the required installation information for each selected satellite is provided on the screen. When you select a satellite name in the list box, the required installation information is displayed. You may transfer the data from receiver to receiver or PC to receiver.

The receiver has a built-in Othello games for your enjoyment. Use the color keys to change options and right/left/up/down keys to move. When finished, press exit return to channel viewing mode.

6000 channels and 120 satellites, Fast channel switching, a digital audio output, DiSEqC 1.2 and USALs, nice remote control are the outstanding features that makes it your friend. Model : EM 5000 Function : Digital Satellite Receiver Channel Memory : 6000 Satellites : 120 USALS : Yes Scart Connectors : 2 Video Output : RCA PAL/NTSC : Yes Symbol Rates : 1.45 Ms/sec C/Ku band : Yes.



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