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Test Report for Hum ax DV-1000T

Hum ax DV-1000T

Humax had started to produce the rapid take up of digital terrestrial by producing a raft of freeview ready products. These range from basic plug and play adapters, to hard disc and play adapters, to hard disc equipped PVRs, to the DV-1000 T, a combined freeview adapter and DVD player.

The DV-1000T has a good looking size and design. It is roughly larger than a DVT1100. It has a slick-looking mirrored front panel with eight small, round operating buttons covering the essential functions of both positions sat alongside the DVD tray. The rear panel is equipped with a healthy set of connectors with twin scarts (one RGB, both S-Video and Composite), component video, S-Video and composite video outputs and a UHF loopthrough (a modulator is included if your TV does not have a scart connection). The audio is equally well-catered for with stereo phones and an optical digital audio output.

The remote control is metallic grey which is very comfortable to hold and bristling with well-labeled and responsive buttons.

One thing missing is that when DV-1000T fulfils its role as a space saving two in one product, both portions co-exit in relative isolation. The receiver effectively has to reboot itself. The DFT takes only ten seconds to load, which is not too annoying in itself. Unfortunately you can’t record a digital channel and watch a DVD at the same time. It has a fast auto-tuning. It has no problems in finding the available multiplexes. Pressing the “I” button brings up a blue quarter-screen programme information banner (with variable time out and transparency settings) which includes now and next programme info and a row of icons indicating when the MHEG 5 interactive services are available, pressing “I” button again brings up a half-screen page showing now and next synopses.

The full screen is on the click of guide button. The electronic programme guide (EPG) aware one about the upcoming programmes for the next seven days in advance. It also incorporates a number of search functions liable to become particularly useful once move extensive programme information is broadcast on freeview.

You can also search the programmes by name or you can search by programme genere with the help of onscreen keyboard. There are five favourite lists. There is onscreen reminder. It has the notable features of ratios, 4:3, 16:9 letterbox, viewable signal strength and quality meters and four basic gamestar style games to play

There is a suitable playback support for CDS, VCDs, CD-RWS, SVCDS and the major recordable DVD formats. Decoders for both DTS and Dolby 5.1 are also included, along with trick-play features including zoom and slow motion. The DV-1000T has a good picture quality. It is sharp and colorful from the DTT tuner and the DVD portion is no slouch either. Although it would have been nice to see closer integration between the DVD player and DTT portions, few will find cause to grumble with the slick presentation, easy to use operating system and excellent overall TV performance. The DV-1000T is an inexpensive way to introduce the digital delights of both free view and DVD to your decoration room.

Equipped with the latest technology and design, the DV-1000T is a DVD player and set-top box for digital terrestrial broadcast reception.As a digital terrestrial set-top box, it can receive FTA broadcasts. Outstanding stability and comfort are its built in features. The simple installation and operation, user-friendly three-dimensional OSD, highest quality audio output with Dolby Digital Audio, and advanced video clarity made for TV and VCR are all designed to enrich the viewer experience. In addition to delivering more channels with its new highly sensitive tuner, DV-1000T boasts the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), for even better program information on all channels, and information plate that enable subtitles and teletext for a bounty of useful information on programs and broadcast signals.

The combined DVD player can playback in various modes, such as MP3, Audio CD, VCD, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and DVD+R/RW, offering users a wealth of digital viewing and listening enjoyment. Software upgrade notices are posted periodically on the Internet homepage, and new versions can be updated through automatic software upgrade service (OAD) via BBC Engineering Channel or through software download service on HCSA (HUMAX Customer Service Area) via the built-in serial interface (RS-232C). With the latest software, viewers are always sure to enjoy endless hours of extraordinary digital broadcasts and an abundance of data.

Model : Humax DV-1000T UHF loop through: Yes AV Outputs: 2 Scart Interactive software: MHEG-5 EPG : MHEG Modem: None Conditional Access: None Website:



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