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Test Report for Kaon KSC - 570

Kaon KSC - 570

From Kaon Media we have two new models on tests. One is FTA and the other is FTA+CI model. Kaon models are well known for good performances and quality with low price. CI model KSC-570 is in silver finish with round LED display in the middle of the front panel. It looks very stylish. On LED you can see mayor information about status of the receiver, and of course it shows you the right channel you just watching. Here are buttons for emergency operation without remote and on the right is cover underneath which are two CI slots for addition of any CAM for scrambled channels.

On the back there are usual LNB input and output, RF connectors, two scart, and audio/video out and digital audio out. Of course that here is good old RS232 for connecting receiver to PC for downloading new software and editing channel listings.

Receiver has very stylish menu system with icons for each main choice in menu tree so you want miss a setup system. At first installation you need to setup your system for satellite of your choice. You can use single setup for one dish, multifeed system for two or more dishes and of course you can connect DiSEqC 1.2 motor and have automatic motorise system. Afterwards you just have to leave receiver for automatic channel download. It is very quick and very detailed so you want miss no channels. If some channels are still not on the downloaded list than you have to enter frequency manually and then the receiver will search for new channels. What is most impressive with this receiver is that you can arrange channels in few different ways.

First you can delete all unwanted channels from the list. Than you can rearrange or rename all other channels. You can put channels in favourite listings and what is most impressive you can sort channels by alphabet, by satellites and by scrambling system. So if you have only viaccess card with CAM you can watch only viaccess channels and they will appear on list firs. So you have easy access to them. Of course you can still rearrange this list to suit your desires. Other way is to put favourite channels in your own named categories like movies, music, cartoons, news etc.

Good addition to impressive performance is possibility to zoom part of the picture. Just use EXIT button together with yellow and green buttons with OK on the remote and you can zoom in any part of the picture for better viewing so you can see all the details you want in any channel?! Hm, Hm!

EPG will tell you exact programs to watch now and next. Teletext is good addition as you don’t have to have TV with teletext decoder to see teletext from all those favourite channels. If nothing on TV suits you this time you can always switch to some of seven (7!) different games in your receiver and your fun will never end.

Receiver has two CI slots for CAMS so you can put magic, joker, matrix or any other CAM and with appropriate viewing card you can watch hundreds of scrambled channels. KSC-570 is very good satellite receiver with many possibilities which will easy your life with digital satellite TV and radio channels. The good sorting possibilities and a chance to insert different CAMS for scrambled channels is good addition to impressive performance. Model: KSC - 570 Number of channels: 4000 DiSEqC: 1.0, 1.2 Hard disc drive: no, but an option SR: 2-45 MS/s Frequency range: 950 - 2150 MHz LNB in/out: yes/yes Scart: yes,2 Digital/analog audio out: yes/yes Embedded system: no CI slots: yes, 2 S-VHS: no RS-232: yes USB: no EPG: yes Teletext: yes Software download PC/satellite: yes/yes Manufacturer: Kaonmedia Info web: Info email: Info tel.: + 385 1 3357 412 Info fax.: + 385 1 3357 114



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