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Test Report for Multitalented MSP 01

Multitalented MSP 01

SMART MSP01 comes with a digital satellite signals internet access, home banking, video on demand and interactive TV and many more other qualities. Digital satellite receivers can never function like a real computer. But if we put the PC in a small cabinet, then among other features it can be used like a satellite receiver.

The MSP01 mostly act like a computer used in homes. It is very small with attractive design. It looks good when placed on a shelf or almost anywhere. The front panel of the receiver contain only one button. After opening the front panel flaps, you will get on idea what this small box is all about. The DVD player is just behind the flap with the burner having extraordinary features. It has two 3:5 mm jacks for an audio line output with a microphone input. The data can be transferred with a high speed from the MSP 01. The optical output contain the digital audio signal (S/PDiF) and can be routed to a digital Dolby surround system.

The rear panel is well attractive. Inorder to connect the MSP 01 with the video screen has different possibilities. RCA Jack has normal composite video. The S-VHS output can also be sued if TV is normally equipped. Inorder to use your PC’s monitor, one simply connect it to the VGA output. If you have a high quality monitor, then the HDTV compatible DVi output will be very useful. The microphone input has 3.5mm format. The analogue audio output is also available. The key board lies beneath the open lid, a standard PC key board and mouse can be connected with already available PS/2 Jacks. If one feels that the USB jacks present on the front panel is not enough for his purpose, then an additional pair can be connected on the rear panel. Inorder to use it for internet purposes, connection to a network is possible through the LAN Jack on the back of the MSP 01. The CoM port can be used to upload a receiver. The MSP 01 can real act like a PC. Inorder to enjoy the pay TV, then simply and normally slide the appropriate CA module into the slot. The satellite turner is provided in the shape of a satellite card with “F” connector. The IF signal is not looped through.

The remote control is larger in size as compared to others. It can be used to control the DVD player/burner, the 80 GB hard drive and the satellite receiver. The flap on the lower portion of the remote control makes it a unique. The right connection to the MSP 01 must be selected for the TFT, plasma or VGA monitor. This may be video output, S-VHS output for the best possible picture, the DVi or VGA output. It has been delivered with all important regional DTH satellites. The receiver was first tested in Germany. The owner of the unique box can enjoy satellite TV and radio just after one or two minutes. The switching from one channel to another will take 1.8 seconds. The bottom of the screen contain the info bor graph displayed momentarily. The electronic programme guide (EPG) is of interesting feature. One can activate the timer for play and record with it beside detailed information on current and upcoming programmes. The teletext decoder is also the additional source of information beside the EPG. The TT memory is available for downloading process.

One might decide to use the receiver with a multifieed antenna. The preprogrammed satellite is the one you really want, but for such cases you will have to venture the receivers menus. But you will be quick in action for such menus, because they become shu after only 10 seconds automatically. The receiver has numerious languages including German, Greek, English, Turkish, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Polish and portug use. One may design the menus according to his personal tastes. Four minutes are enough for the automatic scan of 80 transponder. There is no manual scan unfortunately. The receiver tuner is not sensative. This is the sole reason why it needs an adequate antenna. SCPC signals may not be processed in 2.0 Ms/Sec. It can be used for the entire family as a multimedia terminal. The channel lists include not only channels via satellite, but also for internet, TV and radio. Inorder to enjoy the channels all around the world, just connect you to a multimedia of internet MPEG-4 streams from around the world.

One may store the programmes upto 200 hours of digital quality on the built in hard drive. It is also possible to store up 20,000 titles, pictures, graphics, presentations and documents on the hard drive. The time shift function will allow you to start a recoding anytime, when you are disturbing by some one or receiving the call. For particular recordings, you simply have to keep, then these can be saved forever. If the commercials in recordings create boredom, then cut function can be used to edit these disturbing portion.

Surfing the Net, shopping, home banking and the reception of video and audio streams is made very easy. The mail programme will let you for sending and receiving mails. An input/export function can be used for MS office data. The MSP 01 combines every thing into one box. Operating this box is very easy.

Model: SMART MSP 01 Function: Multimedia Terminal, Satellite TV/Radio, DVD Burner, CD, DVD, MP3 player, Digital Recorder, Web browser, E-mail, Home Office, iTV, Video on Demand Symbolrate (tested): 5-30 Ms/sec. Channel Memory: Unlimited Satellites: 120 Hard Drive: 80 GB DiSEqC: Yes USALS: No CI Interface: Yes Timer: Yes Digital Audio Output: Yes, SPDIF Optical Analog Stereo Audio Output: 3.5 mm Analog Stereo Audio Input: 3.5 mm Video Output: Composite, VGA, DVi, S-VHS HDTV: Yes Picture Format: 4:3 / 16:9 USB 2.0: 4 x Firewire: Yes Ethernet: Yes Mouse/Keyboard: PS/2 Main Board: ASUS P4S8L Main Memory: 256 MB DDRAM Processor: Interl Celeron 2 GHz Operating System: Linux Power Supply: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (European version)



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