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Test Report for XTREME Hornet A2CI STR


After the fist appearance of xtreme receiver in the market, the HORNET also shown its appearance. It is just like a predecessor with elegant silver color. The small buttons of the receiver are for channel up-down, menu and exit. The round four digit display shows the time on the current channel number. The two CI slots are hidden behind a flap in Skycrypt module. The rear panel is normal in color. The LNB is looped through for use with a second receiver. There are two additional scart connectors for TV and VCR. The set of RCA Jacks are for audio and video outputs. It is also available with PLL modulator as well as UHF Ch 21-69. The multiple LNB outputs are controlled by a programmable 0/12 volt output. The latest level of the receiver can be brought up with the RS-232 interface software. The most outstanding character of the hornet receiver is USB interface. It opens many ways. The remote control is attractive and fits well in hand. It had not changed its appearance. It controls the receiver easily. Switching between channels is easy and fast. This receiver comes in five versions.

* Xtreme Hornet A2CI STR * Xtreme Hornet A2CI PVR * Xtreme Hornet A2CI 40GB * Xtreme Hornet A2CI 80GB · Xtreme Hornet A2CI 120GB

The Hornet can be fitted with a hard drive too. The manual shows the various ways to achieve an optimum configuration. After TV and LNB connections, it is ready to use. The 16 languages are available in the menu including English, German, French, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Arabic, Czech and Bulgarian. The optical AC3 is provided by excellent audio quality. The universal LNB needs no changes. The oscillator frequencies can also be selected. You can also operate the C-band and S-band reception. The speed of a channel scan can be determined by a transponder satellite. The menu allow you to see for all signals. A particular symbolrate is also possible. The transponder data is stored in a vast database automatically. The satellite will be scanned in just a few minutes. The channels can be marked, renamed, move and delete. It doesnot need the user manual. Because it is very logically designed. There is also an audio tone.

The Hornet comes with an external VCR. The receiver comes with a CD for software necessities. It is done to communicate the receiver with a PC. But for this feature, you will need a CPU of 600 MHz. The Hornet has the capacity of 9000 channels. But it may be unlimited with the use of PC and USB cable. Direct streaming to the hard drive is also possible. To transfer the programmes from hard drive is easy. The audio programmes can also be transfer from PC. First you will have to activate the menu, then the recording will be started in PC. The computer has the complete control of the receiver. TV and radio channels can be displayed on the TV screen.

With the help of Hornet, many satellites can be found faster. When the satellite is found, the receiver will scan each satellite. It is interesting receiver with so many features. It can also found the weak signals of the C-band and Ku-band. The manual PID entry is possible. The BBC channels comes with a crystal clear. The switching power of the receiver is superb. The two CI slots are used for any encryption system. Symbol rates started from 1.4 Ms/Sec is easily processed. Through the USB connection with a PC, it is possible to control the complete management of the receiver. Multiple games, a colander and even an installation demo mode round out this receiver. In short, it is any excellent receiver with so many good and unique features.



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