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Test Report for DT-XI For Digital FTA Reception

DT-XI For Digital FTA Reception

One is totally unaware that what is hidden inside the free-to-air (FTA) DT-XI receiver. The receiver is small and dark gray in colour. It is easily fit for any room. The current channel is shown by a four-digit display. You can store 3000 channels from 23 different satellites. It contain all the popular satellites from all over the world. To convert the satellite data-according to your personal tastes is not a complicated process. You can easily enter all these information by hand. You can directly operate the receiver, although programming must be done via the remote control.

A digital audio output (AC-3), rear panel two scart connectors, the looped through IF and the three video and audio RCA outputs are also used on the Cinema link. To upload a new receiver software, the serial interface is used. To transfer current transponder data from a PC, it can be sued for this process. One can obtained the new receiver software from the internet and from the ASTRA satellites at 19.2 East. The remote control is too much attractive and fits nicely in your hand. All the buttons of a remote control are under your finger tips. The extra ordinary character of the receiver is that it comes preprogrammed with most important channels as well as satellites for every geographical region. It can be make visible by proper LNB and DiSEqC configuration. You can select it with the local oscillator frequencies. C-band and Ku-band values are also preprogrammed. S-band values can be entered manually. The selected satellite channels will normally be found on automatic channel scan. First, you will have to match the TV (4:3 / 16:9 and CVBS / RGB) and will correct the menu and audio languages (Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic). The decision for 1.0 and 1.2 DiSEqC are from the list of 23 satellites. Both satellites can be scanned in one single operation in case of a dual feeds system. 80-transponder well as symbol rates of those channels which are normally under 2.0 Ms/Sec. Reliably it will process the symbol rates from 1 to 45 Ms/Sec. The signal levels are blended during a transponder search and antenna installation. If one is ready to prefer manual scan, then PID values can be manipulated.

In order to watch the popular channels again and again, one can move the popular channels into one of five different favourites lists. The channels can be moved, stored, deleted and re-named. There is also ad parental control feature in order to keep the children away from inappropriate channels.

The switching between channels will just take a few moments. The receiver never locks up. You can obtained the detailed information by a push of a info button. The electronic programme guide (EPG) provides advanced information about the upcoming programmes.

Radix is a user friendly receiver. It has the quality for uploading the transponder list in the receiver. Users can quickly and easily upload the latest transponder. It is available with RS-232 cable to link the receiver with a PC. One can transfer the data from PC to the receiver by one push of a button. It will take Six minutes to download the data from 23 satellites.

It is very easy to use FTA receiver. It can process low symbol rates. Its 3000 channels are enough for use. The digital audio output is definitely a unique quality.



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