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Test Report for LEMON 030CI


Lemon had been surviving in the market for the last few years and is the pioneer of good and ideal ideas and thinkings. But its latest innovation 030CI had become the market leader. This newest version is available in four different models namely lemon 030P (free to air), 070 CI and 030 CI, which is under description.

This model comes with two common interface slots. These slots are hidden behind a flap. Time, channel number and menu is shown by a LED display. It comes in function by the timer programming function. The two additional buttons along with a standby button is situated near the display. These buttons are used for channels up and down. The receiver position in standby or in operation is indicated by a Two status lights by red and green signals.

The rear panel is very interesting. This model (030 CI) provides the facility of video and audio RCA outputs. There is also a restrial antenna looped through to a UHF modulator output. One way connect the analog receiver with the IF looped through output. It has the extra ordinary facilities of coaxial and optical outputs, which is a good new for the viewers of digital audio. The 12 VDC as well as 240VAC are used for mobile reception of this receiver. The attractive and multi-colored remote control sits well in your hand. The buttons are clearly marked for functions. As soon as you connect the LNB cable, you will able to watch the picture easily on the screen. The Lemon contains all the national languages. One may load other languages on the corresponding satellites.

Almost all the menus are attractive. The user manual is available in four languages including English, German, French and Russian. You may turn from one channel to another in a short period of time. The colorful OSD contains the information on current as well as future programmes. One may watch the channel number, channel name and the current time. The user can set the time according to the local time. More detailed information and technical parameters can be called up with the “?” button. An electronic programme guide (EPG) can show information 12 to 48 hours in advance. The lower half of the TV contains these information. The multiple sub pages contain the lengthy text. German, English, French, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Portuguese, Italian and Greek languages are supported by lemon. The database contains 36 satellites. The box shows the actual position of the satellite in the region. Universal, C-band and motorized LNB settings can be found on the outdoor menu. For the digital single cable solutions, the LoF can be set up as reqired. DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 are also available. A DiSEqC motor can thus be used with out any difficulties. The channel scan can be set to look for all. It will take only 12 minute to complete a search, after every channel scan. One may observe how many new channels were found. This process will enable the channel list constantly up dated. Viewers have the choice to convert the favourite channels in one list. You have the choice to name each list. Channels can be moved, renamed, deleted and locked. The videotext includes temporary memory. NTSC signals are not quite correctly displayed.

The Lemon 030 CI is very fast receiver with advanced features. It is suitable for all the family, but will also won the love of audio viewers. The menus are easily to understand and well-written. In case if there is a new channel, the Lemon will find it in three minutes. To use this receiver with pay TV services does not create problem. It may be powered by 12VDC.



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