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Test Report for ESCD – 600 Plus C – band LNB

ESCD – 600 Plus C – band LNB

C-band was the only way of transmission in the early days of satellite TV. It was necessary to have antenna with long diameters to receive anything. These satellites were able to cover an entire continent with their footprints.

C-band is used all over the world for direct to home reception and for distribution to cable systems. C-band reception is becoming popular in Europe once again. More interesting programmes can now be realized. The smaller antennas with smaller satellite spacing of 20 would interface with reception. Eurostar has now introduced their new attractive ESCD-600 plus a C-band LNBF designed for the digital reception. The polarization is controlled by the 14/18 volts delivered by the receiver.

After opening the box, you will observe the scalar ring and the feed / LNB. It is welded together to form a watertight seal. In order to secure the LNB, Eurostar includes a circular plate that allows left and right polarization. The installation manual is not included. The scalar ring is three feed arms. The signals are very strong and is not really possible by switching the 14/18 volts. In order to switch from horizontal to vertical, you will have to install the circular plate. The feet could be fine tuned with the help of a spectrum analyzer.

The circular plate in the feet is necessary. In order to receive the picture from canal 7, fine adjustment is necessary. The LNB is 17° Kelvin. To demonstrate its winter capabilities, the LNB needed to be placed in an environmental chamber. The oscillator frequency is +1-1 to 3 MHz maximum. There is no signal dropouts with the SCPC signals.

The Eurostar C-band LNB ESCD – 600 plus is an excellent one. The 17°k is well for prime focus antennas starting at 1.5 meters. The switching between horizontal and vertical as well as left and right controlled by the existing coax cable. The capabilities of the LNB are excellent. The reception of MCPC and SCPC signals is not a problem, even in heavy rain and high temperature. The circular polarization plate should be used with circularly polarized signals. The signal loss with linear polarization is 2-3 dB.



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