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Test Report for COSHIP CDVB 3188 C


The era of analog days was quite different from the modern days of the 21 century. Users have a satellite antenna with polar amount. When the antenna moves across the geostationary satellites, it was easy to find a new channel.

But with the invasion of digital transmission, it has become more difficult to locate new channels, especially those channels signal with a signal measurement. It is clear that a digital receiver needed more information, when compared to analog TV. Symbol rates and FEC are required for digital receivers in order to receive a signal. The aid of the receiver’s signal relative precision. The symbol rates lies between 1.3 and 30 Ms/Sec. 5.623 and 6.111 Ms/Sec are popular with SCPC signals, while it is 27500 for MCPC. This receiver can search the entire band called blind scan antenna. It can find and store every channel including SCPC signals.

The COSHIP receiver comes with a 270-page user manual remote control and RCA cables. Six buttons on the front panel are used to control the receiver with out a remote control. It does not have a standby button. The current channel and function is shown by a large display. The green LED indicates a lock on a signal and a bar graph shows its signal strength. There are two dummy slots behind a flap, which have no function. The rear panel contains the connectors for LNB. Three RCA jacks for video and analog audio outputs and a programmable 0/12 volt output and a main power switch. The most widely used buttons on a remote control are situated on the bottom row of the remote. The remote control is multi-coloured and attractive. It is fair and small in size.

The user manual is written in English. The receiver itself communicate in two languages. English and Chinese. Without an antenna motor, this receiver is used like a slave receiver. It comes with DiSEqC 1.0 and programme mable 0/12. It allow its access to 16 different LNB’s. The receiver comes with 64 different and well-known satellites. Several channels are pre-programmed. Ku-band and C-band settings can be saught out with the scan offer. It really helps the experienced users. It corrects the LNB oscillator frequencies for activating new and desired satellites. The parameters can be set up individually. As soon as you find the correct menu, the c-band, Ku-band and S-band is not a problem. The fun will begin, once you locate the sub-menu. The search can find all channels on an “unknown” satellite. Encrypted and FTA channels were default values. Symbol rates are less than 4 ms/sec. As soon as you push the OK button, the receiver started scanning. The signal quality is shown by a red bar graph. It identifies all the individual feeds and packages. An older satellite receiver with the identical scan function would have required several hours for one satellite. If we compare the conventional, preprogrammed receiver with Coship, the winner will be coship, because it founds every thing. The picture started breaking, if any channels are transmitted using very small symbol rates. Sometimes, the receiver locked by itself. If the signal is weak, the OSD identified the channel as “TV” instead of the actual channel name. When it locks by itself, then it will not react to remote control anymore. The main power switch is the only thing to be left out. It explains the absence of the power button on the front panel. Channel switching time is just few seconds. When you turn from one channel to another, the receiver will display the channel name, satellite name, channel number and audio track. The full screen display shows the frequency, symbol rate, teletext and polrization. The FEC is not shown.

The Coship CDVB 3188C is an Free to Air (FTA) receiver. It has special abilities. It finds every DVB signal analog with symbolrate, with out adding any further information. A scan will take a period of 30 minutes. There is no digital audio output. The remote control is not ergonomically designed. The channel memory is limited up to 2000 channels on 16 satellites.



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