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Test Report for TECHNOSAT IR 7000 PLUS


TECHNOSAT has recently introduced their latest receiver, the IR 7000 PLUS. It is an instant complete satellite receiver. We wanted to know how much fun it would really be to play with this receiver.

On the front panel of the receiver can be found six buttons for complete receiver control without the remote. You will also find a flap on the right corner of the receiver. Behind the Flap on the right side, there is one CI slot. If you take a look at the rear panel, you immediately spot the RCA Jacks, S-Video, S/PDIF, serial interface RS-232 for uploading a new receiver software and a main power switch for turning on and off the receiver. There is unfortunately no scart connector on the rear panel. Unfortunately a satellite IF output is missing. The remote control is very logically designed and sits nicely in your hand. The overall receiver design leaves a very good impression.

The user can communicate with the receiver in English, Arabic, Italian, French, Russian and Turkish. It depends on your choice. The receiver comes with a very up to date list of numerous satellite, transponders and channels. There are 97 update satellites from worldwide. 4000 channels are preprogrammed in the Technosat. The newly found channels may be searched automatically. Since the receiver comes with only DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2, so it can be easily used with a motorized antenna. The DiSEqC configuration is very easy. It does not care for what type of LNB is connected, because it works with various switch types and LNB. Those that have multifeed antennas with more than four LNB’s have thus no chance to fully utilize their system. Unfortunately, DiSEqC 1.3 (USALS) is not included. Symbolrates starting at the rates of 2.45 ms/sec were processed easily during our tests.

The video output signal can be supplied in PAL or NTSC. The automatic switching between these two norms also functions with out any problems. The available output signal includes S-Video. Every owner of an S-VHS VCR will thank the manufacturer of this box. If until now you have nothing but problems dealing with multifeed and motorized systems. The channel scan should help alleviate some of this frustration. 348 TV and 232 Radio channels were found in 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Manual scan is also possible. There are four favourite lists; you may store your favourite channels in these groups. The receiver is fully SCPC and MCPC compatible from C and Ku-band satellites. It is capable of descrambling encrypted programmes by irdeto using built-in irdeto descrambler, with loader version 3.2. This box is fully MPEG2, DVB compliant.

Switching from one channel to another is quite fast and the relatively large OSD text makes it easy to read even from a long distance. As is normal with most other receivers, channels can be deleted, moved or renamed. Thanks to the excellent on-screen help menus. There is also the possibility of downloading the channels from receiver to receiver. Another highlight of this receiver is the truly first class design of the EPG. It provides information on current and upcoming programmes. If the TV does not have its own Teletext decoder, then the built-in decoder in the TV box will provide access to this service. The TV picture remains visible in something similar to a picture-in-picture window of being blended in.

While you are going for automatic scan, here you will first decide whether to search for All channels or FTA only. Kids may be keep away from adult channel by parental lock Function. The Technosat-IR 7000 PLUS is is a mass produced receiver for the reception of satellites. The IR 7000 is very pleasing to the eye. If the remote control is not immediately available, the receiver can be controlled via the six buttons on the front panel. The rear panel is very luxuriously equipped. Finally it offers a large variety of programmes along with a receiver that is easy to use and perfect for this application. It is absolutely living room friendly receiver. Operation of this receiver is simple and the included help texts make reading the user manual almost unnecessary. Furthermore, it is economical and nicely equipped solution for everyday satellite reception. You can also enjoy the built-in video games in the receiver. Model : IR 7000 PLUS Function : Digital Satellite Receiver Channel Memory : 4000 Satellites: 97 Symbolrate : 2.45Ms/sec. SCPC / MCPC compatible : Yes C/Ku-band : Yes EPG : Yes S-VHS : Yes DiSEqC : 1.0, 1.2 USALS : No Scart Connectors: No S/PDIF: Yes



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