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Test Report for Micro-x MDR-2850

Micro-x MDR-2850

Astrovox introduces a new Micro-x MDR-2850 FTA digital satellite receiver ultimate. A company, which in the past and in the future give superlative performance from its line of digital receivers at affordable prices. The Micro-x MDR-2850 FTA ultimate is a standard free to air receiver with special features. The special features include enhancements which allow the receiver to be connected to internet and ability to share information with other receivers from the same group and software.

The price of the Micro-x MDR-2850 FTA ultimate is reasonable and affordable and competitive with the best in the market. You would suspect that this means the Astrovox has cut corners, but it does not seem to be the case, you have got memory of 5000 channels, a database of 100 satellites, many of them pre- tuned, Diseqc 1.3 controls with USALS auto location and auto Diseqc set up.

The Micro-x MDR-2850 FTA ultimate is with a four digit green LED display in the centre of the front panel. On the LED display, you can view the full status of the receiver and will show the current channel number being viewed. On the front panel you can see the buttons, which can be used in emergency when the RCU is unavailable.

The back panel at best described is pretty basic but nothing is missing, it includes AV connectors, modulator, loop thru tuner, TV SCART connectors, SPDIF and the RS-232 for downloading the latest software and editing channel listing. The company has also put all the latest version of the software on its web site at for easy access and free download to the receivers by the customers themselves, all you could ask for a top of line receiver.

The remote control is usually an accessory on which budget manufacturers choose to cut corners. But in this case you get a comfortable light weight controller, which is well labeled and has several useful extra function buttons. The Micro-x MDr-2850 FTA ultimate receiver has a very stylish and intuitive menu tree system, which is very helpful to first time users.

The Micro-x MDR-2850 FTA ultimate can communicate with the user in different languages. When the SCART connectors are used, the choice between PAL, NTSC and auto is available CVBS and L are also available on the SCART connectors. Satellites are activated in the installation menu. The most critical local oscillator frequencies (LOF) for the C-band and KU-band can be directly selected. Other values can be manually entered. Every signal with symbol rates starting at 2-45 ms/sec are identified and processed making the VSR-250 SCPC compatible. The scan can be performed on a single satellite or on multiple satellites with auto Diseqc selection capabilities. Individual transponder scans are also possible. As is typical, scanning for FTA channels with or without network or all channels with or without network should be selected first before the scan is stored.

Switching between channels is fast. Detailed programming information is provided by the EPG. This assumes of course that the provider makes this information available. An additional source of information is the integrated Tele Text decoder. This service can thus be displayed on older TV sets or monitors that don’t have a Tele Text decoder. The Micro-x MDR-2850 FTA ultimate has an easy graphic menu interface. A powerful sort function allows for creation of up to 16 favorite channel lists. You sort the channels on basis of GENRE, Alphabet, favorite, Network, CAS and satellite. One may easily recall the memory of the channel last watched.

If more information is required on a particular signal, a push of the info button will provide what is needed. In addition to all the relevant technical parameters and channels data, the channel’s signal strength and quality are displayed in a bar graph. Bonus features include video games (Tetris, biorhythm etc), which are included in the best tradition of given more to the customer than the customer paid for. Model: Micro-x MDR-2850 Function: FTA Box Channel memory: 5000 Symbol Rate : 2-45ms/sec Video System : PAL, B/G/D/K, NTSC SCART Connector : CVBS, L, R output RCA Connector : Audio L/R, Video, S/PDIF IEC Connector : RF modulator (UHF) RS-232 Connector : 9-pin D-sub Type SPDIF: yes



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