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Test Report for KAON KTF-2000V2


Kaon is a pioneer in satellite receivers. The company has manufactured a new terrestrial receiver named Kaon KTF-2000V2.DVB-T standard is preferred worldwide these days. DVB-T has been developed within the framework of the global DVB project. It makes use of MPEG-2 for the source coding of the video and audio. Digital Terrestrial Receiver has many benefits including the plug and watch, cheaper transmission, excellent sound and picture quality and High definition television.

The front panel of KTF-2000V2 is designed very simply. There are five buttons on the front panel for receiver operation. The front panel display shows the current channel number and time in a stand by mode. The rear panel is equipped with two scart connectors for TV and VCR, serial interface RS-232 for uploading a new receiver software, three RCA jacks, S-VHS out put for projection and flat TV screen and a main power switch for turning on and off the receiver. The user manual is easy to read and is written in English describing the most important functions of this terrestrial receiver and the remote control; as with the rest of this receiver’s workmanship, we cant find any fault with it.

After turning on the KTF-2000V2 for the first time, it asks the user for correct language. English, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, Latvian, Arabic, Farsi, Danish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Dutch, Hungarian, Albanian, Greek, Indonesian, Portuguese, Lithuanian and Polish are the available choices. In the step, you end up in the main menu from which additional basic settings can be taken care of. The automatic switching occurs between PAL and NTSC standards. The receiver delivers video signals in CVBS and RGB format for Full Screen and 16:9 TV format. S-video for flat screen TV and projection system is also available.

The KTF-2000V2 comes with maximum 1,000 Channels of TV & Radio. All the local oscillator frequencies for C-band and Ku-band are preprogrammed. If necessary the LOF can be set up manually, even for the S-band. Along with an automatic channel scan, a network search as well as a search for free or all channels, there is also a manual transponder scan available. Manual PID entry is also possible. If you want to bring some organization to the channel list, this can be done via the channel manager. Here channels can be deleted, renamed or moved in to one of the four favourite lists for easier recall later time. Channels that are inappropriate for the kids can be locked out with a PIN code.

Pushing the OK button will display the channel list on your screen. It is designed very clearly and rather large. Individual channels can be sorted by CAS, Lock, Name and Network. The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) gives an overview over the television programme for seven days. It gives information for NOW/ NEXT and for 7 days of all also with the detail information. In the Now Next business, the respectively current TV program runs further in the window. The Timer is in one extra menu and is therefore somewhat circumstantial. The info bar will appear momentarily while changing from one channel to another. Channel surfing would be a chore.

This DVB-T receiver presents advanced sensitivity & selectivity of COFDM Tuning and Demodulation. It has Fault-Free of Pre / Post Echo error in SFN or MFN with OSD Teletext, VBI Teletext and Subtitling Function Available. KTF 2000V2 is equipped with Intelligent Banner includes Channel Selection & Information View. The Dolby Digital Bitstream Audio Out via S/PDIF (Option) will really win your favour for KTF 2000V2.

One calls can be determined the program list on which program presently at the VCR further given will should. Blue key of the VCR correctly is adjusted and connected is it to receive now possible this determined programme there. Over the receiver can then very normally become. There are no restrictions. With the ZERO (video) key can between standard operation and VCR business changed become. The VCR draws all on what at the VCR. Exit adjoins without menu as long as one wants. Each would hope understood the peculiarity of this receiver.

KTF 2000V2 digital terrestrial receiver is fully MPEG-2 Digital & Fully DVB-T Compliant. Videotext can be used over the Receiver and also over the TV device. The Receiver can receive (VHF/ UHF uses) both volumes. It presents Fast Auto-programming and User-friendly Installation. 256 Color OSD & Convenient 2-layer GUI Architecture are available. If there is nothing to watch interesting, Various Games Included will give you a friendly company.

Model: KAON KTF-2000V2 Function: Digital Terrestrial Receiver Channel memory: 1000 EPG: Yes Scart Connector: Yes, 2 Color Standard: PAL+NTSC SCPC/MCPC: Yes Frequency Range: Europe (VHF BAND 3 AND UHF: 470 ~ 860MHz) Demodulation: COFDM 2K/8K-Carrier S/PDIF: Yes Power Consumption: Max.30W



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