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Test Report for Quali-TV QS1080-IRCI HDTV Receiver

Quali-TV QS1080-IRCI HDTV Receiver

The cabinet of Quali-TV is given a complete facelift and now has a much more elegant appearance and doesn’t look as clumsy as its predecessor did. In the center of the silver-colored front panel sits the reflective display. Underneath are six buttons for operation of the receiver without the remote the first big surprise was discovered when the front panel flap was opened on the right side. In addition to the irdeto card reader, the manufacturer actually added a pair of CI slots so that the proud owner can now take advantage of all those PayTV channels. Nothing much has changed on the receiver’s rear panel. In addition to a satellite IF input, a looped-through output for an extra receiver, two Scart connectors, six RCA jacks for YUV, CVBS and stereo audio outputs, an RS-232 serial interface, an optical digital audio output and a DVI output, there’s also a VGA output and a DVI output, there’s also a VGA output available that unfortunately still requires an adapter in order to provide an RGB signal. The remote control is easy to understand and sits nicely in your hand.

High Definition TV or HDTV, which has already become standard in he USA and the Far East, is slowly but surely making its way into Europe. Compared to SDTV, HDTV provides a much higher picture resolution, in extreme cases as high as 1920x1080 pixels. This shows to a much higher data transmission rate resulting in a greatly improved picture quality that is readily visible assuming of course that the proper type of TV is used so that the full quality of HDTV can be seen.

This requires either a plasma or LCD TV. It could also be a projection system. In addition to the cost of the receiver, the home theater fan must also be willing to reach deep into his pocket to buy a new TV set. There are also a number of other channels spread out across other satellites that are testing HDTV. In the USA, Japan and Australia, a large selection of HDTV services is already available.

The switchover to MPEG4 HDTV probably won’t start until the end of 2005 and there will undoubtedly be those Home Theater geeks that despite this potential expiration date will still not want to do without their HDTV. After turning on the receiver for the fist time, the receiver still presents itself as somewhat simple. An installation assistant or preprogrammed channel list are not to be found. In the sparsely designed main menu can be found access to the receiver settings. And there aren’t all that many to choose from. The QS1080-IRCI can communicate with the user in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.. The more easy-to-use DiSEqC 1.3 (USALS) however is still missing, as is DiSEqC1.1 for the control of a multifeed antenna. 118 satellites are preprogrammed although the satellite and transponder data in some cases is not all that current. Five additional satellites can be manually added. The receiver is C-band and Ku-band compatible.

The channel scan can be set to scan individual transponder or entire satellites; an NIT scan is also available. Once the channel scan routine has been started, you will need patience, quite a bit of patience. The channel switching speed is incredibly long. EPG information on the current and upcoming programs is also shown as long as this data is available. An overall EPG programming overview or expanded EPG data is not available. Popular channels can easily be moved into the Favourites list via the decided selection in the main menu. The channel list can be sorted either by FTA or CAS as well as alphabetically. Unwanted channels can be deleted and channels that are not kid-friendly can be locked out with a PIN code. The built-in tuner is supposed to handle symbolrates from 2 to 45 Ms/sec. Weak signals are also a problem for the tuner.

The receiver is not compatible with the future MPEG 4 HDTV standard. The channel scan and channel switching speeds are extremely long. Model : QS1080-IRCI Function : Digital HDTV Set Top Box Satellites : 123 Symbolrates : 2.45Ms/sec DiSEqC : 1.0/1.2 USALS : No Programmable 0/12V : No Scart Connectors : 2 S-VHS : No Modulator : No C/Ku-band Compatible : Yes SCPC Compatible : Yes EPG : yes Teletext : Yes



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